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Elementor is one of the most popular website builders available on WordPress, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create stunning web pages, posts, and layouts. One of the essential features of Elementor is the ability to wrap text around an image on your website. It enhances the design and user experience by creating a visually appealing layout that captures attention. In this blog post, you will learn how to wrap text around an image in Elementor and improve the look of your website.

Step 1: Add an Image to Your Page

The first step is to insert the image into your page by dragging and dropping the image widget from the Elementor sidebar panel. Select the image you want to add or upload a new one from your device, and the image will appear on your page.

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Step 2: Click on the Image and Choose a Style

To wrap text around the image, click on the image widget, and select the style tab from the left-hand menu. Under the position tab, select the option to float the image left or right. This step will align the image to the left or right side of the page and create the space to wrap text around it. You can choose the best option for your page, depending on the design and content layout.

Step 3: Adjust the Image Size

The next step is to adjust the image size to fit your page. Select the size tab and resize the image to the best fit for your page. You can use the percentage, pixel, or responsive option to adjust the size of the image.

Step 4: Navigate to the Text Editor

To wrap text around the image, go to the text editor under the content tab. Select the text where you want to wrap around the image by clicking and dragging the cursor. You can also add new text to the editor by typing or copying and pasting it from another source.

Step 5: Choose the Text Wrapping Option

With the text selected, go to the editor’s toolbar and choose the text wrapping option. You will see the option to wrap the text around the image on the left or right side, depending on the image’s alignment. Choose the best option for your layout, and the text will wrap around the image.


Wrapping text around an image in Elementor is a useful feature in creating visually appealing layouts that enhance the user experience. With the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily add images and wrap text around them to create a more engaging design on your website. Make sure to experiment with different styles, image sizes, and text layouts to see what works best for your content and design. We hope this tutorial has been helpful and wish you all the best in creating stunning pages with Elementor.

Frequently asked questions

Can I wrap text around an image in Elementor with different alignment options, such as left, right, or center?

Yes, you can wrap text around an image in Elementor with different alignment options by adjusting the image and text widget settings. Elementor allows you to position images and text widgets side by side within a section or column, enabling you to achieve various text wrapping layouts, including left-aligned, right-aligned, or centered images with text wrapping around them.

Will wrapping text around an image in Elementor affect the responsiveness of my website on different devices?

Wrapping text around an image in Elementor may affect the responsiveness of your website on different devices, particularly if the text and image layout is not optimized for mobile or tablet screens. It’s essential to test your website’s responsiveness after wrapping text around images to ensure that the layout remains visually appealing and functional across various devices and screen sizes. Consider using responsive design techniques and adjusting widget settings for optimal responsiveness.

How can I ensure that text wraps smoothly around images without overlapping or spacing issues in Elementor?

To ensure that text wraps smoothly around images without overlapping or spacing issues in Elementor, use Elementor’s column and widget settings to adjust spacing, padding, and margins as needed. Additionally, consider the length of text and size of images when designing your layout to prevent text from overflowing or becoming too cramped around images. Preview your design on different screen sizes and adjust settings as necessary to achieve a balanced and visually pleasing text wrapping effect.

Are there any limitations or considerations to be aware of when wrapping text around images in Elementor?

When wrapping text around images in Elementor, consider limitations related to the complexity of your layout and the responsiveness of your design. Complex text wrapping layouts with multiple images or text elements may require careful adjustment of column widths, padding, and margins to maintain a cohesive design across devices. Additionally, some themes or custom CSS styles may affect how text wraps around images, so it’s essential to test your design thoroughly and address any compatibility issues that arise.

Can I revert changes made to the text wrapping layout in Elementor back to the original state or previous version?

Yes, you can revert changes made to the text wrapping layout in Elementor back to the original state or a previous version by using Elementor’s revision history feature or undoing recent changes within the editor. Additionally, if you’ve saved previous versions of your design as templates or drafts, you can revert to these versions to restore the text wrapping layout to its original state or a preferred configuration.

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