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25 Interesting facts about WordPress

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Nowadays WordPress gets more and more popular. A lot of people who think about creating their own website are choosing WordPress. Those people already know that WordPress allows them to adjust and update their websites easily. But today we will tell you some facts about WordPress that you might have not heard and will find them interesting

1. WordPress is older than Twitter and Facebook

The first-ever version of WordPress was released back on the 27th of May 2003 while Facebook was released on the 4th of February 2004 and Twitter on the 21st of March 2006. Isn’t that shocking?

2. Why it is named WordPress?

It was suggested by Christine Selleck Tremoulet. She is a prolific blogger and a friend of Matt Mullenweg (who is one of the co-founders of WordPress), to whom she suggested the name WordPress.

3. WordPress powers over 27% of all websites

According to the recent web researchers’ W3Techs technical survey. WordPress by this moment powers almost over 27% of all websites.

4. WordPress uses 76.4% of the CMS market

According to the research from Wappalyzer, WordPress dominates the content management software usage with 76.4% market share.

5. WordPress is free opensource

WordPress is released under the GNU GPL license, which allows anyone in the world to use it. The source code is free to use for everyone to study, build, use, and modify it.

6. WordPress is not owned by anyone

WordPress trademark is owned by the WordPress Foundation

To let WordPress stay a free platform offered by open-source, co-founder Matt Mullenweg created WordPress Foundation. This non-profit organization owns the “WordPress” trademark, protects its freedoms offered by its open source license.

7. WordPress does not have a CEO

Since WordPress is an open-source project and not owned by any company, it does not need a CEO. It is run by developers from all around the world.

8. WordPress is used by governments all around the world

WordPress powers governmental websites all around the world. This list includes various state, federal, school, and city websites.

9. WordPress in education

WordPress is used by schools, universities, and colleges all around the world. Open source allows students and academia to learn, study, and contribute to WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

10. WordPress is a multi-billion dollar economy

Hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals worldwide sell their WordPress based products, services, and solutions.

11. 1.48+Billion plugin downloads

WordPress crossed 1.48+ plugin downloads in the year 2016. That was 48% more than in 2015.

12. More than 50000 free plugins

There are more than 50000 free plugins for you to use. The range is really wide from creating an online store to creating a contact form.

13. More non-English downloads

In the year 2014 non-English WordPress downloads suppressed the latter. in 2016 WordPress was added the language switch at the admin panel.

14. WordPress is available in 68+ languages

With WordPress being popular worldwide, it met a requirement to get translated, that is why it was fully translated in more than 68 languages. Moreover, it is translated partly into even more languages. A lot of popular plugins and themes are also translated into various languages.

15. WordPress meetups in 58 countries

These WordPress Meetups are small events organized by local communities. In 2016 there were 3193 meetups in 58 countries, that were visited by 62556 users.

16. WordCamp events

Official WordPress events are called WordCamp. In 2016 these events were organized in 41 countries, 116 times with total attendance of 36000 users.

17. WordPress “cousins”

The community behind WordPress has already created a few sister projects like bbPress, BuddyPress, and GlotPress. For your info, they are all open-source software built.

18. 11.5+% WordPress websites use SSL encryption

In the past few years, encryption became more popular since it provides better security means. In 2016 it was 11.5%, in comparison with 2015, it is 4% higher than that year.

19. 20% of WordPress is in JavaScript

20% of the code is written in JavaScript. The percentage is expected to grow since WordPress will grow more like an application.

20. WordPress is written in MySQL and PHP

WordPress is written in PHP and uses MySQL databases.

21. WordPress and Jazz

All of the WordPress versions are named after Jazz artists. For example, WordPress 1.0 was named after Miles Davis.

22. is not the same as is a blogging service run by Automattic, while is the homepage of WordPress.

23. Free Community Based support

WordPress is a community-driven project and support is widely free of cost. You can get most of the help on the official WordPress forums on the net.

24. WordPress has a built-in Auto Update System

WordPress updates automatically if the update is minor. Also, it can push plugin updates if there is a severe vulnerability.

25. WordPress for multisite networks

WordPress has already built-in multisite network features. It is hidden by default. This allows you to create a network of webpages using the same WordPress.

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