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Learn WordPress: TOP 20 WP Resources in 2020

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Today, most of the business works on WordPress and hence it is necessary to learn WordPress if you want to dominate the online world. In view of this, we are here with the top 20 best resources for learning WP. Some of these resources are for learning WordPress development whereas some of them will cover customization and WordPress tips and tricks.

#1 WordPress Developers handbook

Learn WordPress with WP dev handbook

The first and the best resources you can check out is the WordPress developer handbook. It is the official handbook by WordPress for learning WordPress development. It covers all the things about creating custom blocks and using APIs. It is the official handbook available for free in the WordPress official website. You will see all the code reference in this book.

Further, you can check WordPress Codex too. It has all the information you need about WordPress.

You will learn

  • WordPress coding standards to write code
  • Development of plugins, themes, and creation of custom blocks
  • You will also learn to use Rest API and using other APIs in the correct way.
  • Commands for WP CLI.

#2 Evanto tuts+

Learn WordPress with Evano tuts+

Evanto is basically a huge marketplace where you will find all the premium WordPress themes and plugins. They further they Evanto tut+ where they provide various resources to learn WordPress. You can read the how-to articles for free over here. It also has many WordPress tips and tricks. Furthermore, if you want to get the ebooks and take video courses, you will have to go with a premium membership.

You will learn

  • They have tutorials on all the things for learning WP.

#3 WP Beginner

Learn WordPress with WP begginer

WP Beginners is the ultimate resource for learning WordPress from scratch. It covers all the things starting from how to create a WordPress website to some of the tutorials on securing WordPress website. There are step by step tutorials for most of the WordPress things. Further, you will find the top list for plugins, themes, and hosting services.

You will mainly learn

  • How to create any type of WordPress website and make it live
  • SEO, Customization, security, and tips to solve error
  • You will learn about various new and unique plugins.
  • Further, you will learn to increase WP performance

#4 WP101

Learn WordPress with WP101

If you are serious about learning WordPress, you can go with the paid courses available at WP101. They have a bunch of video courses with subtitles available on various WordPress topics. You will have to pay a membership charge in order to start taking the premium course. However, they do have free videos that you can watch before you take the course.

In WP101, you will learn

  • Basics of WordPress
  • Guttenberg
  • WooCommere
  • You will further learn about various different plugins that are helpful to create a different type of WordPress website.

#5 Sitepoint

Learn WordPress with WP sitepoint

Sitepoint is another free and premium resource for learning WordPress and mastering it. They have half of the things for free but if you want to access more content, you will have to take the premium membership. In the free membership, you can read all of their articles but if you want to get the ebooks, you will have to take the monthly membership. It covers all the things about programming.

In Sitepoint, you will learn

  • Basics of WordPress development
  • How to create themes and plugins
  • How to use the Rest API and CLI
  • Mobile app development for WordPress
  • Many other programming knowledge

#6 WebsiteSetup

Learn WordPress with Website Setup

Whether you are looking for WordPress tips and tricks or you are looking for a step by step tutorial on learning WordPress, WebsiteSetup can be a great option for you. It is a website where they cover all the things you need to make your website. Starting from how to buy a hosting to how you can customize a theme, they teach everything step by step for you to understand. Further, you can also download their cheatsheet to know more.

You will learn

  • Step by step guide to creating your WordPress website
  • Customization and theme installation guides
  • Cheatsheet for CLI, themes, etc.

#7 Siteground Knowledgebase

Learn WordPress with WP siteground

Siteground is one of the best WordPress hosting companies. They also have added some of the great resources for learning WP. They are not an in-depth article but if you are new to WordPress and looking for short and simple articles, Siteground will be the best choice for you. You don’t need to pay anything to learn from there.

You will learn

  • Installing WordPress
  • Adding themes and plugins
  • Customizing the theme

#8 Learnwoo

Learn WordPress with Learnwoo

As you might have got the idea from the name, if you want to learn WooCommerce or if you want to learn how to create an eCommerce store, you should check out Learnwoo. They have got all the tutorials on the basics of WordPress and Woocommerce to the most advanced ones. It covers all the things about learning WordPress for E-commerce.

You will learn

  • Basics of WordPress
  • Creating a Woocommerce store using WordPress
  • About various plugins, you can use to optimize your online store.

#9 Lynda

Learn WordPress with Lyndat

Lynda is now Linkedin learning. It is one of the best online course websites that you can try. They have various courses available for learning WordPress from scratch. It not only covers leaning WP but also has various other courses on WordPress tips and tricks, mobile development, etc. You can try it out to see the best course. Lynda is a great platform; all you need to do is select the right course for you and you will be the master of WordPress.

In Lynda, you will learn

  • Anything you want to learn (various courses to choose from)

#10 WP Apprentice

Learn WordPress with WP apprentice

WP Apprentice is another great resource for learning WP. They have a quick start series that you can access for free. Further, they have various other WordPress courses that you can take. Some of the courses are free but you will have to pay a small fee if you want to master everything on this website.

You will learn

  • Basics of WordPress
  • Customization
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Guttenberg

#11 Know the code

Learn WordPress with Know the code

Some of the previous resources only covered the customization part of learning WP. Know the code will cover all the resources for learning WordPress development. Whether you are a developer or a complete newbie, Knowthecode has the right resources to teach you everything from scratch. Know the code is perfect for anyone who wants to learn coding in WordPress.

You will learn

  • Basic of WordPress development
  • Advanced WordPress development
  • All the programming language needed for WordPress

#12 OS Training

Learn WordPress with OS training

OS training is also another great platform for learning WP. They have a course and books for most of the CMS including WordPress. There are many courses from which you can choose from. You can either learn the basics of WordPress or you can continue with the designing part of WordPress. They have a course for each of these things.

You will know how to

  • Manage WordPress websites
  • Customize and develop WP websites
  • Develop themes and plugin
  • Usage of APIs and CLI.

#13 Launch Party

Learn WordPress with Launch party

If you are the type of person who wants to learn and implement things fast, Launch Party is the perfect place for you. They have a challenge where you need to create a website in 3 days. Don’t worry, they will teach you how to do it. It is pretty simple and the course is completed within 3 days. The 3 days course is free. You can create your website in 3 days without paying a dime for this course.

You will learn

  • Day 1: How to set up your website
  • Day 2: Design your website
  • Day 3: How you can improve your design

#14 CSS tricks

Learn WordPress with CSS tricks

CSS is the core part when it comes to designing and making your website more beautiful. You will need CSS knowledge when you want to improve your design or simply add a custom one. CSS tricks are the perfect place to get all the knowledge of CSS. They have various amazing tutorials on how to make your website more amazing. You can apply all these for stunning WordPress design.

In CSS tricks, you will get knowledge of

  • CSS and how it works

#15 JavaScript for WordPress

Learn WordPress with JavaScript for WordPress

JavaScript is an essential language that you will need when you are learning WP. This website is especially for people who want to learn JavaScript. Whether you are planning to learn it as a standalone language or you want to apply it on WordPress, they have got resources for all of them. They have different courses for JavaScript which you can take.

In JavaScript for Wp, you will get the knowledge of

  • JavaScript for WordPress (of course)

#16 W3Schools

Learn WordPress with W3 schools

How can we forget the most popular website to learn to code? W3Schools is one of the ultimate websites for everyone who has no idea how code works. It doesn’t have a particular section for WordPress but if you really want to master WordPress, you will need to use some of the coding languages. You can head over to W3Schools and check the basic tutorials. Don’t worry, it is completely free.

You will learn

  • Basic coding knowledge and tutorials

#17 Udemy

Learn WordPress with Udemy

Udemy is also one of the best course websites available on the internet. They have courses on almost any topic you can think of. The good part is that the courses are really affordable (Some of them are even free). You can surely take one of the courses on this website. They have courses on learning WP Basics to learning advanced theme development for WordPress. Not to mention, it covers some of the best WordPress tips and tricks.

In Udemy, you can learn

  • Anything you want (depends on the course you take)

#18 WP Setup

Learn WordPress with WP setup

If you love a step by step guides on learning WP, you can also check out WP Setup. As the name says, it teaches you how to set up a complete running WordPress website with ease. The website further goes to some of the important stuff you should know such as SEO, performance, and also covers some of the WordPress tips and tricks. They have the main two options which you can choose from at first, one of them is to learn about WordPress and the other one is to learn about hosting WordPress.

You will learn

  • How you can setup a complete WP website with ease

#19 Smashing Magazine

Learn WordPress with Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the best magazines when it comes to programming and designing. You will learn many things about programming from this particular website. They have a bunch of books and articles for you to go through. Further, they also have their own job portal which you can check if you are looking for a job. You will also be able to see the events.

When you go through Smashing Magazine, you will learn

  • Various programming language

Final words

To conclude, these were the best resources for learning WP. You can quickly learn how to create a WordPress website and customize it. However, if you want to get into learning WordPress development, it will take some time. If you know the core languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript then in such cases, it will be a lot easier to learn the development part. Also, some of the given resources also include WordPress tips and tricks. You should surely keep an eye on it. You can learn a lot of small things from it. So, in the end, stop thinking, pick one and start learning WP.

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