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If you are using WooCommerce, it’s important to accept payments online. No doubt, it’s super easier to use direct PayPal where you can simply enter your email address and get started. However, this is a lot more than that. You will have to make sure that you are using the right payment gateway here. With the view of that, we have collected some of the best payment gateways that you can use for your WooCommerce website. All of them are compatible with WooCommerce. If you wish to use any of these, you can directly use them with the help of the plugin. Further, the configuration of most of the mentioned plugins is very easy. So, you can quickly configure it in no time.

We will now begin the list of the best payment gateways that you can use for the WooCommerce website.

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#1 Stripe


This goes without saying. If you are researching about the payment gateway for a while, you might have surely seen Stripe is not one but at multiple paces. Stripe is the best payment gateway that you can use if you are using WooComemrce. Not just limited to WooCommerce, there are many other places where you can easily use Stripe.

The reason why you should be using Stripe is because of the various interesting features it has. At first,t there are more than 135 currencies supported. In this way, you can accept payment using any of that. If you’re using currency switcher for WordPress, you can easily make the payment from any currency you want. That’s the first benefit you will get here. Along with this, there are many other benefits.

Stripe is a currency available in more than 40 countries. In most countries, you will need a registered business if you want to use it. The reason why you should be using Stripe as a payment gateway is that everyone is using it. So, the customers are quite familiar with the interface. If the customers are quite familiar with the interface, it will be easier for you to make the payments. They will trust your website more. Especially, if you are new to the eCommerce business or if you are doing dropshipping, you should surely be using Stripe as your payment gateway.

If the payment gateway looks familiar, more people will buy from you as they trust your website. Stripe comes installed in WooCommerce. You can also integrate it with the membership plugins.

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#2 PayPal


Of course, how we forget one of the best payment gateways out there. PayPal has been in the industry for a long time. Almost all the people who are using the internet have heard about PayPal and the majority of them have an active PayPal account. PayPal is the most preferred way to make payments. People prefer PayPal as a payment gateway. So, you can surely use the PayPal payment gateway.

There are many account types available in PayPal. The standard method is the most preferred method for people who don’t have any registered business. In the majority of countries, you will require to submit proof of your business if you want to accept PayPal payments. It becomes quite difficult to use the PayPal business if they don’t have a registered business. In this case, you can simply go with the PayPal standard. It allows you to accept payment using the email address. The configuration of a PayPal standard account is super easy. All you need to do is enter the email address and you are done. You might want to change the text that is displayed. That’s pretty much it. When you make these changes, you are all set to start using PayPal standard.

Guess what, you don’t even need o to add a plugin to use the PayPal standard payment method. It comes installed by default giving you full permission for all the things. You can simply enter the email, change the text if you want, and you will have to enable the payment method from the payments page. That’s pretty much it. You have successfully configured the payment gateway. It’s that easy.

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You might have surely heard about It’s also one of the most popular payment methods out there. One of the reasons why people don’t use this payment gateway is because it’s available in some of the countries only. The payment method is for the people who are from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, or Australia. So, if you want t use this payment gateway, you must be from the following location. If you are not from the following location, you might not be able to use this payment gateway. That’s the reason why this is not listed as one of the top payment gateways on many websites.

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It can easily integrate with WooCommerce and provide the best experience for the checkout. Further, you can also integrate it with many forms. If you are using the form that allows you to add pricing, you can integrate there and make the payment. Further, if you are offering WoooCommerce subscriptions, you can use the payment gateway too. In simpler words, works perfectly well for recurring payments. So. If you want to take the payments from the customers every single month or you want to take it once a year, you can surely use this payment gateway for doing all these tasks.

The interface given here is quite easy and powerful. You can quickly get started with the account. The backend configuration is super easy, and the same goes with the customers too. Customers can easily make the payment and the owners or the admins can configure it easily. So, this becomes one of the best payment gateways you can use.


#4 Braintree

best woocommerce payment gateway

You can always use Braintree as your payment gateway. This is one of the best payment gateways that you can use. It’s by the same company as PayPal. That’s the reason why the plugin was named Braintree by PayPal initially. Now, it’s working as a separate payment gateway.

You can easily accept payments using credit cards and debit cards. Further, you can also accept payments using the PayPal express checkout. For that, you will need a business account of PayPal. You can easily create the account by heading over to PayPal and then select the business account in the selection. Thereafter, you can fill up the details, and you are done here.

If you already have an account up and running with PayPal, you can change these settings by heading over to the settings section. This is one of the best ways you to accept payments. If you are using Braintree, you won’t even have to worry about using the standard PayPal. Here, the user can either pay you using a credit or debit card. Along with this, they can also pay you using PayPal. This will give you ultimate benefit overall. All the major credit and debit cards are accepted here. As it’s by PayPal, it’s faster and extremely easy to use. You can surely use this plugin if you are looking for a fast and secure payment gateway where you can accept payments with ease. This is one of the best payment gateways where PayPal is also enabled.

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#5 Razorpay

best woocommerce payment gateway

Razorpay is highly recommended if you are from Asian countries. People of India use this payment gateway as there are many domestic payment methods accepted here. If you have a huge amount of traffic from India, you can use this payment gateway as well. Here, Indians can easily pay you using their country’s payment method giving you the ultimate ability to collect payments from them.

There are many payment methods accepted here. They support more than 90 currencies. You can easily collect payments from all the countries. Along with this, they accept various cards from all the major companies whether it’s Visa, Mastercard, or any other. They have wallet payments where users can pay using their wallets.

Further, the interface is straightforward to use, and it will hardly take few minutes to create your account and get things rolling. There are various solutions provided to them. It’s not just a payment gateway. If you don’t have a website and you are looking to create payments from the funnel, you can do that too. However, as of now, we will focus on the WooCommerce part. It will easily integrate with WooCommerce and you will get a complete advantage here. You can easily get started with the payment gateway. For the users, the interface is easy and smooth.

This makes it one of the best payment gateways you can use to accept payments. You can surely check it out and decide.

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#6 Amazon Pay

best woocommerce payment gateway

Amazon has been in the industry for a lot of time now. they have a product or a service for almost everything now. You will get the same thing when it comes to payment gateways. They have a great easy to use payment gateway which you can easily integrate into your WooCommerce website. It allows you to collect the payments from all the major cards.

One of the best things about Amazon Pay is that it won’t redirect the customers to any other website for payments. Here, all the payments are collected directly from the website. In simpler words, when the user makes the payment usually they are redirected to the payment gateway website where they can collect the payment. However, that’s not the case here. When you are using Amazon Pay, you can easily collect the payment with ease. The entire payment procedure will be done on your website itself. This will give you the ultimate advantage as the customer won’t have to leave your website to make the payment.

Further, many people have already used Amazon pay. So, they are familiar with the process and they can easily make the payment.

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#7 WooCommerce Payments

best woocommerce payment gateway

The next payment gateway that we are going to talk about is currency only available for the US-based merchant. You can surely use it if you are from the US. It’s the official payment gateway for the WooCommerce website. It’s available on the WooCommerce website and it offers seamless integration with it. Of course, that’s because it’s official made by them. You can surely trust their payment gateway.

You can install and use the plugin for free. It accepts credit and debit cards. It’s quite new but as it’s an official payment gateway, the popularity is rising a lot. It’s now one of the most used payment gateways available. Therefore, you can surely start using this payment gateway and start accepting the payments. The list of countries is surely expanding. So, there are good chances that by the time you are reading this, the countries accepted will not be just limited to the US. Therefore, you can surely try it out.

Further, you can surely use this because the payment gateway is very easy to use for the customers. It looks very similar to WooCommerce. This will give the best experience to the customers. Therefore, you can surely try this out and see if it fits your requirements or not. The plugin is free to use and you can simply download and install the plugin from the official website with ease. In this way, you can easily get things rolling without worrying about anything.

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Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the payment gateways that you can use for your WooCommerce website. All these payment gateways can easily be integrated into any website you want. So, even if you are not using WooCommerce or you simply want to collect payments from other websites too, you can use this. In this way, you will get all the advantages of your website and you can get things rolling quite easily. Most of the payment gateways work on a pay as you go, model. So, you don’t need to pay anything upfront.

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