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WooCommerce is one of the best solutions you can use to convert your WordPress website into WooCommerce. We will see a quick overview of WooCommerce where we will see all the things you should know about the plugin.

We will start with the basics and then we will head over to the most advanced part of WooCommerce. The guide will cover all the things you need to know about the platform and how you can use it most effectively. It will also tell you whether the plugin is made for you or not.

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Quick Overview What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce quick view

WooComemrce is an eCommerce solution built on top of WordPress. WordPress is an open-source CMS using which you can create a website with ease. If you want to implement eCommerce functionality here, you can start by using the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce will allow you to create any type of eCommerce website in WordPress.

You can add products whether it’s a single product or you want to add variable products, you can easily do that. There are many more types of products about which we will discuss as we move further. We will now focus on the important and amazing parts.

When you install WooCommerce as a plugin, you will get a quick setup wizard. Using the wizard, you can easily set up the plugin and get things rolling. The setup will hardly take few minutes to complete. This is why you should be using the setup wizard. It will ask you the basic details and then you can set up other things.

Don’t worry, it won’t cost you a penny. WooCommerce is a completely free plugin. You can install the plugin and that’s pretty much it. You can then start using the plugin. There are some of the things where you might require extra functionaries. These are paid. We will talk about it as we move further.

Setup Wizard for WooCommerce overview

At first, we will see the basics of WooCommerce. As it’s a quick overview of the software, we will focus on the setup of the wizard. We won’t go in-depth in all the steps and learn how you can do it. Instead, we will see the overview using which you will know what exactly is needed for the setup.

At first, you will have to enter some of the basic details. These basic details include things like your store name, where are you based on, your preferred currency, etc. When you enter the details, they will start configuring the plugin accordingly. For example, if you select that your store name is ABC, they will set ABC store name to all the places. In the same way, the currency you select will be used for the product pricing. Of course, you can change all the things later on. So, don’t worry, even if you entered something by mistake. You can always go back and change it if you want.

Further, you will have to enter whether you are selling physical products or you are only planning to sell the digital product. You can always sell both of the things. Lastly, it will ask you for the payment methods you want to activate. Usually, most people out there will activate PayPal as their payment gateway directly when they are setting up the store. In this way, you can easily get things rolling.

Once you select all the things, they will also suggest to you some of the plugins that you can use and they will also suggest you a theme. You can surely install the plugin if you want.

Pages and URL

When you complete all the things, they will automatically create certain pages for you. For example, the main URL here will be the store URL. The store URL will be When you visit this page, you will see your WooCommerce overview store there.

This is the main page where you will see your complete store. There are many more pages that will be made when you are setting up the plugin. All these pages will be made automatically. However, if you want, you can surely change them. The rest of the pages will include the My Account page, cart page, checkout, and many more.

You can change the pages. Further, there will be a taxonomy made. In simpler words, when you create a new product, it will directly go to This will make sure that all the products are separated from the posts and pages.

These are the basic setup. You can surely change all of these by going to the settings. We will surely see this later on.

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Types of Products

We have already told you that there are multiple types of products from which you can select one. This is where we will see all the types of products available in WooCommmerce.

WooCommerce quick view

Well, if you see it from the top, there are various types of products. However, three are mainly four types of products that are widely used.

  • Simple products
  • Variable Product
  • Affiliate Product
  • Virtual Product

Simple Product

The most common type of product that you will see is the simple product. This is a normal product that has the product name, price, and then you will see the add to cart button. In this way, you can always have a simple product where the customer can directly buy your product.

But what if your product has various variants such as colors and size? In that case, you will need to set a variable product.

Variable Product

A variable product is something that you should use if you have a clothing store. This is the product where you can set multiple variants of a single product. For instance, you can have different colors and sizes. Each of the variants will have a different size or you can also add a different product image if you want. There are different options given in the backend to configure this.

Affiliate Product

The third common type of product is the affiliate one. If you are an affiliate store and you are selling someone else’s product for a commission. You can easily enter the link of the main source with your affiliate link. When the user sees your product, they can click on the button and they will be redirected to the main store.

Now, it gets pretty confusing for the users if they see the “add to cart” button, right? Therefore, you can set the add-to-cart button to anything you want with this plugin. It allows you to rename the button too. You can surely set other options.

Virtual Product

Well, if you are not selling any physical product but it’s a virtual product, you can surely use this option. This is the place where you can select the downloadable option too. The downloadable option allows you to add any virtual product. You can upload the files and the customer can download the product.

Creating Product – WooCommerce overview

WooCommerce quick view

In this section, we will see a quick overview of how you can create a product and what are options you need to configure.

You can simply add the description of the product and then you can also add the product image. Just you can select the post category, here you will be able to select a product category from the side. This is how you can select the product category. Once you select the product category, you will also have to select other things. This is the place where you will have to enter the price, shipping, data, etc.

For that, you will have to enter the things in the product data section. There are many things that you can enter. We will see more about the product section now for a better WooCommerce overview.

WooCommerce quick view


The General tab is for all the general information about the product. This will include the basic things that are in the product. Typically, there will be the regular price which is nothing but the price of the product. Other than this, you can enter the main price of the product which is for the sale. Further, you can also enter the sales price. This is only applicable if the product is for the sale. The regular price will be scratched and WooCommerce will show the sales price instead of the regular one. This is why you can enter both the price.


Inventory is an important element where you can add the stock management options. Things like how many quantities are left and what are the stock options can be stored here. This only applies if you have a limited quantity. If you are using a wholesale to sell your product, you don’t need to worry about the inventory. That can be done easily with just a few clicks. In this way, you will have all the things ready.


Shipping options are wonderful. If you are having multiple zones where you ship your product, you will surely need this. You can set up different parameters that will define the shipping. It allows you to set the zone and enter the shipping costs. You can surely contact your shipping partner and get things ready in this section. Please note that you will have to set up the zones from the WooCommerce settings.


There are many more things that matter but the important one is attribution. This is applicable if you have selected a variable product. In this section, you can create attributes such as color, size, shape, etc. Once you have created the attributes, you can easily go to the next tab that is the variation tab. In the variation tab, you will have to enter the details of each variation. You can enter the price, photo, etc.

WooCommerce Settings overview

Now, let’s get to the main point. How you can change the settings of WooCommerce. There are plenty of settings that you can set for your store. To start changing the settings, you will have to head over to the WooCommerce > Settings section.


On this page, you will find several options from where you can change all the settings. When you go to the settings page, you will notice that there is a small bar for the tabs. Here, you will find many tabs such as general, product, account, shipping, etc.

Each of the tabs will represent the respected settings. For example, you can set whether the user is allowed to do a guest checkout from the account section. In the same way, the payments tab will allow you to set the payment methods for your store. In simpler words, there are all the options you will need to set and create the account.

Now, many people won’t notice this. Inside every tab, there is a small line of tabs. For example, if you head over to the shipping tab, you will find more tabs on that page. The tabs include shipping methods, shipping zones, etc. In this way, you can set all thee things. Many people can’t notice these tabs.

So, you can make all the global changes from here – a quick WooCommerce overview

Adding Functionality

If you aren’t satisfied with WooComemrce and want to add more things, you can surely do that. For that, you will have to add different plugins that can be useful for your website. You can simply head over to the Plugins section and select add new. You will be able to search all the plugins from there. In this way, you can easily get things started. There are plugins for every single functionality out there. So, you can surely use this. If you can’t find the plugin, a simple Google search will tell you about the plugin you are looking for. There are many premium/paid plugins too.

Final Words about WooCommerce overview.

To conclude, this was a quick overview of WooComemerce. We saw all the things WooCommerce has in the shortest time possible. You can surely explore it more to find out many interesting things about WooCommerce. You can do a lot of things here. There are plenty of options available for you to mess around. You can start exploring and you will find all of them.

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