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4 Tools for WordPress Management

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Best WordPress Management Tools

The designing of the website is not as complicated nowadays due to the use of popular CMS platform WordPress. But managing its various interfaces, dashboard, and plugins can be a massive task for the service providers. If you wish to make WordPress management simple, then it is mandatory to keep up with its performance and appearance. You can use advanced tools to manage multiple WordPress installations for your clientele.

Using GoDaddy Pro

For managing the multiple WordPress installations, GoDaddy launch ‘GoDaddy Pro’ a few years back. If you are using GoDaddy products, then it’s a great choice. It helps in integrating its features into WordPress Management. Some of its features include:

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  • Built from quality management solution ManageWP
  • Basic maintenance tasks can be accessed for free
  • It also helps in monitoring and managing the security and performance of the websites
  • The important management tasks include automated backups, migration, one-click updates, and cloning

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ManageWP Tool

This tool can help you maintain multiple WordPress sites. The server has its dedicated backup service, and it allows bulk actions and updates, compiles all the data on a single dashboard, carries out spam cleanups, and security checks. It also has added features like client report creation, Google Analytics Integration, website cloning, multi-sites plugins and themes updates with auto backups, maintenance task scheduling, etc.

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Choose InfiniteWP

This powerful WordPress management tool is optimized for developers, agencies, and freelancers. You can manage multiple websites free, but it is limited to WP theme, plugin, and core updates. It creates on-demand site backups, but you require a paid add-on to store them on a remote storage location. You can unlock its features like recording or automating the backup, migration, and staging, monitoring websites for downtime, providing detailed reports to the clientele, etc. with its premium plan.

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Easily Manage With MainWP Tool

The service providers use MainWP tool despite other options because it helps in easy management of multiple WP installations. This is not a WordPress plugin used for the various sites, but it uses two free plugins from the repository to turn the single WP installation into the WP Management dashboard. Its significant features include:

  • Simplified updates with the ‘Update Everything’ button
  • The multiple sites management dashboards exist within your WP installation. It performs significantly even if your client’s sites are present in the different servers or unrelated.
  • Supports automatic updates for your client’s WP themes and plugins
  • MainWP includes distinct backup options that can be free or paid. Moreover, its Sucuri Security Scanning is free to use.

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To conclude, many WP tools are present in the market to manage multiple WP installations. You can select the best ones according to your needs and budgetary requirements. By using any of the tools, you can increase efficiency, productivity, and consistency of the multiple clients’ sites. Furthermore, businesses can collaborate with the WordPress management service provider like WPServices to enhance your or your customers’ website experience.

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