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WooCommerce to Facebook Shop

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The eCommerce platform giant WooCommerce and social media titan Facebook have made their shops intertwined due to the successful integration of their respective APIs. Nowadays, most websites are used in conjunction with social platforms, and Facebook has ensured that it can be accessed from almost anywhere bar the moon. Latest statistics show, that approximately 78% of US consumer purchases are made through first-time encounters on Facebook. Thus online stores need to make use of the marketing reach that the social media platforms bring us. In this article, we will take a look at various ways how you can connect Facebook to your WooCommerce-run store and gloss over general statistics.

Benefits of Connecting Facebook Shop with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading WordPress eCommerce platform with an estimated 29% market share. Current data shows that assimilating WooCommerce with Facebook Shop provides the highest ROI(return on investment) – roughly 55%, among all social channels. To put it in retrospect, the second highest ROI(Instagram) is around 22%. The additional site traffic that Facebook contributes to your online shop is invaluable in increasing conversion rates and driving sales.
WooCommerce to facebook
Out of all social platforms, Facebook is by far the one with the largest user base – 2 billion total users and growing. The Facebook Shop has been a feature that steadily over the years attracted the attention of the internet masses and established itself as a major player in the eCommerce scene. It has now become uncommon for a business not to have some sort of presence on Facebook. It is the world’s third most visited website, just behind Google and YouTube. As we previously mentioned, most of the first-time visits happen through Facebook. Thankfully, there are several methods of how WooCommerce can be connected with your Facebook Shop so you can take advantage of the vast marketing possibilities.
The average user clicks on approximately 22 Facebook Ads in a 30-day period. The thriving tendency to use mobile devices for web browsing has led to Facebook generating 94% of total ad revenue from mobile users. By using Facebook Shop and Ads in conjunction with one another and assimilating them both with WooCommerce, you can greatly impact your SEO rankings and increase your website’s overall visibility on search engines.

WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook Shop, and Plugins

You need to use the right tool for the job. With more than WordPress 55 000 plugins and 6000 WooCommerce extensions available on the repository, it can get rather confusing to find the desired plugin even with an in-built search console. Let us have a look at the most common WordPress plugin that is used for displaying Facebook Shop data on your WooCommerce store. Afterward, we will glance at other popular alternatives.

Facebook for WooCommerce

The most popular WooCommerce – Facebook integration plugin for WordPress. Start by heading to your dashboard and locating the Plugins tab.
WordPress plugins
Locate the Add New button and click on it. Either upload the plugin manually or search for it in the plugin directory.
Facebook for woocommerce plugin
After you have successfully installed and activated the plugin, it is time to connect it to your Facebook Shop. A new tab has appeared in your dashboard – Facebook. You can find it under Marketing.
Marketing Facebook
As you can see, you are presented with a Get Started guide. Press the highlighted button to begin.
Get started Facebook WooCommerce
If you are already logged in to your Facebook account, then you will be asked to continue as that user. If not, then you will have to provide login credentials. Press the Continue button. Afterward, as with every other third-party instance, you will have to grant it different permissions.
WooCommerce Facebook integration
When you are done with the setup, have a glance at the Catalog and Meta Pixel tabs.
Confirm settings
If you have not yet created defining parameters for Catalog and Meta Pixel respectively, then you can do so here. Just click on the tabs and you will be redirected to the corresponding settings where you will be guided through concise instructions.
WooCommerce integration next
Voila! Now your WooCommerce-run store and Facebook Shop have been linked together. You can manage Connections, Sync Products, use Facebook Ads, and so on. If you decide to implement supplementary functionality, then the possibilities are endless.

Social Shop for WooCommerce by StoreYa

StoreYa has devised a simple, easy-to-use one-click integration plugin. It utilizes the same Pixel settings that Facebook for WooCommerce does. With just one click you can import all your products from WordPress and vice versa. The most prominent features are:

  • No coding/design knowledge required – With just one click you can make full use of plugin potential and connect the shop with ease.
  • Automated updates – Have the latest updates deleted products from my Facebook Shop? You will be able to forgo this question, as the StoreYa team will guarantee that every piece of data will be kept up to date. The software itself is hosted on dedicated servers, that manage updates and schedule upcoming changes accordingly.
  • Worldwide – The plugin supports every language and currency. International exposure is only bound to help your business flourish. Furthermore, you will be able to see site traffic statistics.
  • Accessible management UI – Facebook Shop management is handy to use and manage from your StoraYa dashboard. Create new collections, add new products or just oversee the current situation on your WooCommerce – Facebook store.
  • Multistore supervision – maintain numerous Facebook accounts from the same WooCommerce extension. A scalable solution for exponentially growing businesses.
  • Statistics – Survey real-time data and implement necessary additions immediately. You will be able to see all information concerning site-wide traffic, visitor tendencies, and success rates of marketing campaigns.

Social shop by StoreYa

Product Feed PRO for WooCommerce by

With the free version, you can display Facebook catalog feeds, but if you acquire the PRO version, then you get access to Facebook pixel & Facebook Conversion API support. Honestly, it offers so many additional options that we would recommend you use only the premium version. Similarly, to before, let us gloss over the key features:

  • 200+ templates – Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many more platforms are represented. Pick the ones that you use and tailor your website’s feed to your liking.
  • Translation support – The most popular WordPress translation tools are supported and you do not have to worry about likely plugin conflicts. WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, and others are included in both free and premium versions.
  • Facebook pixel, Facebook Conversion API – By combining WooCommerces capabilities and Facebook Shop, the plugin seamlessly connects the two and quickly extracts and uploads data where need be.
  • Advanced WooCommerce feature integration – Every WooCommerce function has been taken into account. Shipping classes, attribute field mapping, variations, product visibility, you name it.
  • Custom data sorting – Brand, GTIN, MPN, EAN, condition, and many more fields added to your store to be used for your product feeds. You can exclude and include products at will and manipulate the information on your feed according to the latest statistics.

Product feed PRO by

Final Words

Currently, the global market has become inseparable from social media platforms. Whether you are an owner of a small family business or a member of a large enterprise, you cannot ignore the impact social media marketing has time and time again shown on revenue statistics. By connecting the largest social platform – Facebook with your WooCommerce-supported online shop, you are sure to increase the overall ROI(return on investment) and drive sales to new heights. We wish you a bug-free journey through the world of eCommerce and stay tuned for more articles!

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