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WooCommerce What is Featured Product?

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The featured product option has been in the WooCommerce store for a long time. Entrepreneurs who run an eCommerce store using this option very effectively. With the help of the featured products, you can display the products anywhere.

This article will cover all the things you should know about featured products. Starting from what is featured product in WooCommerce to all the things about it. We will also see what are the best ways to effectively use featured products.

So, make sure you stay till the end of the article to know all the things about the article.

WooCommerce What is Featured Product?

The first thing that you should know is the meaning of the featured product. Here, we will see what has featured products.

A featured product is a way to mark any product in the WooCommerce website. One can mark multiple products as featured products.

These featured products can be displayed anywhere. You can mark the featured product from the product page itself. Let’s get into the article and see where and how it can be used.

Why you need Featured Products?

One of the common questions that you might have is why you need to use the featured products. The answer is because it is going to make your marketing a lot easier and increase sales too.

Featured products give you the capability to add any product at any place. You can group the best products and then display them anywhere. Also, your customers would be more than happy to have a look at the featured products. This is not only for you as an eCommerce store owner but also for the customers.

One can use featured products in many possible ways. We will try to cover most of the ways in this article where we will see how you can display them and use them effectively.

Which Products to add as Featured?

Before we get into the procedure to add featured products into your WordPress website.  we will first see how you can use featured products. In simpler words, we will see which type of products can you add in the featured products.

There are many products that you can add to the featured products. the first one is where you add the best selling products as your featured products. The next what you can do is add the unique products in your store as your featured products. There are always some of the items in your store that stands out different from all the other ones. You can use them as your featured product and display them in front of your audience. This will not only increase the chances of users noticing that product but it will also help them to find new products. You can analyze the data and add the featured items accordingly. The third and last option is to change the featured products every week or every month. This will also give your users a unique way to shop. All your customers can simply look for the featured items every week. When they look at your product they might even buy it. This will increase your sales. It is like advertising your product without even advertising.

With that being said, you can get creative and use your ideas here.

How to add a Featured Product?

Now, we will have a look at the actual tutorial to add a product as your featured product. There are many ways to do it. We will see all of them one by one.

Let’s begin with the simple and easiest way to do it.

Adding from Product Page

This is useful when you’re creating your product and adding it to your website. In case, you want to add your new product as a featured product, you can simply head over to the sidebar of the product editor. You will find an option to mark the product as a featured product. Just check the box and hit the publish or update button. You’re done now. The product has been successfully marked as a featured product.

To remove it, you can simply Uncheck that box and you’re done.

Adding Featured Product with One-click

We all are fans of one-click things. We love it when we don’t need to go to different options and do the process. Instead, if it can be done with one click, we are more interested. You can also add featured products with one click.

You can head over to Products > All Products from the menu. Now, you will see a small star on all the products page. All you have to do is click on the star and you’re done. Your product will be added as a featured product.


If you don’t see the star option, there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is head over to the Screen options on the top of the page and select featured products from there. It will then start showing all the products. If the view is not fit in one row, you can remove the items that you don’t want to see. This will be helpful when viewing all the products in the line.

The procedure to remove is also the same. When the product is featured, the star will turn dark. You can click on it again and it will be as usual. In simpler words, your product will be removed from the featured products.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing is one of the common things required. Many people reading our article might not have added any product as a featured product. This makes it harder for them to individually add the products. That’s where you can use the bulk editing options. Bulk editing options will help you to add many products with one click.

For that, you will have to first come to the all products page. You can find it at Products > All Products. Inside it, you can select all the products that you want to set as a featured product. You will see an option called “bulk action” on the top. It will be in a dropdown. Just click on it and select edit.

Now, you will see various options. Find the option to add featured products. Just select “Featured” from it. You’re now good to go. Don’t forget to hit the update button. It will then update all the products as the featured products.

You can also remove products using the same technique.

By default, WordPress will show you only 20 products. If you have more products and want to do the process in bulk, you can go to screen options on the top and change the number of products displayed. Please note that it will take time to load the page. So, it is recommended to have at most 50 products on the screen. This will be perfect for you. Also, if you have slow Internet, you can keep the default 20. Further, you can also remove the featured image from screen options for a while. As there are no images, the page will load faster. This will help you in adding featured products faster. Moreover, you can also filter the products by category or tags.

How many Products to Feature?

The number is still a barrier for many people. Some might be wondering how many products does Woocommerce allows adding a featured image. The answer is unlimited. You can add as many products as you want.

So, the question remains about how many products you should add.

Well, this depends on which products you’re adding as featured products and how many products you have in total.

If you want to display all the featured products on a different page, you should add more products.

If you want to display it in the sidebar or as a widget, you should add fewer products.

For most people, adding anywhere between 1 to 5 products will be the best choice. Depending on your store category and the products you’re adding, you can surely change the number. You can try out adding different numbers of products and then choose the one that works best for you.

If you’re still not sure, you can check out the next section on how to display the featured products, and then you will automatically get an idea about the number.

How to Display Featured Products?

There are many ways you can display the featured products. We will see some of the top ways you can use to showcase your featured products. You can further change it as per your requirement.


The first and the transitional method was to display the featured products in the sidebar or widget. This technique started to fade as people now don’t use the sidebar in Woocommerce websites. Even the most popular Woocommerce themes don’t come with the sidebar.

However, if you got a sidebar, you can still display it there. The next place will be the footer.

To add it in the sidebar or footer, you can head over to Appearance > Widgets. You will see the widget of featured products in it. Just drag and drop it to the sidebar. That’s it.

Homepage or Dedicated Page

This is the most popular way to display products. You can show them on the homepage or you can create a dedicated page where you can show all the products.

If you want to display it on the homepage, you can use the shortcode or most of the page builders offer a direct option to display the featured products.

Assuming you’re using a page builder, you can display the featured products on the page by adding another element or block. The page builders will also allow you to change the view. You can choose how many products you want to display and you can also set the two and column for the same.

If you don’t want to display them on your homepage, you got another option to display them on a dedicated page. This is highly recommended if you have a store with thousands of products. You can create a new page that will display all the featured products. Please note that here you should not just keep 5 products as featured ones but add more products to keep the engage the users. You should have at least 10 products if you have created a dedicated page. To create a dedicated page, you can either use the page builder or you can use the shortcode.

Displaying via Shortcode

Shortcode will allow you to display the featured products anywhere. It also allows you to show limited products.

For example, if you have 10 products as your featured products and you only want to show 4 on the homepage, you can use the following shortcode.

You can set the limit and column as per your wish.

The next way to display product is the best one. You can filter out the product via categories. For example, you can write the shortcode that will only display featured products from a particular category. You can add more categories serrated by commas. Here is an example.

You can change the category name here. Make sure you type the exact name of the category or it won’t display.

Further, you can use the shortcode anywhere. You can install the “shortcode anywhere” plugin to use shortcodes anywhere.

Final Words

To conclude, this was all about featured products and how you can add one. We also saw many ways you can display featured products in the Woocommerce store. You can either use any of the given options or you can go with your creative way. Most people add it to the homepage too. This will increase user engagement. Also, it will help you to tell the users what your store is all about. So, make sure the featured products include unique as well as popular products. You can also showcase them below the products page. So, make sure you have the best-featured products.

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