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WordPress Hosting Requirements

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So, you finalized to go with WordPress for your website and now you are looking for hosting? We are going to talk about WordPress hosting requirements and everything related to it that you need to know. We will not just cover the technical requirements but the article or the guide will go through many parts which you must know when you are selecting a hosting. If you are worried about which hosting is right for you or you don’t know whether WordPress will run on that website or not, you are at the right place.

So, without any further intro, let’s dive into the technical requirements.

Technical Requirements for WordPress Hosting.

We will first talk about the basic and the technical requirement you will need for WordPress. Without this, WordPress won’t be installed. So, make sure that you have it all.

  • PHP 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support

The last one is optional but it’s highly recommended. You don’t necessarily need to have HTTPS enabled but it would be great if you have it as it improves the security of the website.

Don’t worry, most of the hosting providers will allow you to host your WordPress website. You can easily host your website there. You will see that the hosting provider has a separate option for WordPress. In simpler words, they allow you to host WordPress directly. They even provide a one-click install and optimizer server. We will surely talk more about it later on in this guide. Before that, let’s talk about the important things first. We will begin with the storage and bandwidth column because that’s the thing that most people are worried about. Thereafter, we will see all the other things that you will need when choosing WordPress hosting.

Storage and Bandwidth

Storage will not be an issue for most cases. A small WordPress website will be less than 500 MB. So, you can easily store the complete website in any hosting that you want. If you install WooCommerce, BBpress, or any other plugins, the size might increase to around 1 to 2 GB. You can surely fit the complete here.

However, if you have more products, it will surely increase the size. In that case, you will need more websites. Most of the hosting providers will give you 10 GB of minimum space. The reputed ones usually have unlimited storage features. So, you can have unlimited storage and don’t worry about it.

The next is bandwidth. You need to understand what is bandwidth at first. If you have a page of 200 kb and 4 people visit that page, the total bandwidth usage will be 200 x 4 which is equal to 800 kb. This is the bandwidth usage.

Now, if one of them opens one more page, it will be 1000 kb. This is just a tentative number as the page size is not 100 kb. It might increase the bandwidth usage.

However, just like the storage, most of the hosting provides you unlimited storage. Therefore, you can surely go with them if you want. Bandwidth calculation will not be an issue just like the storage for choosing right WordPress hosting requirements.

One-Click Install

Almost all the hosting will provide you one-click script install or one-click CMS install. With this feature, you can install WordPress with just one click.

When you open the home page of the hosting company, you will see the description of it. They will surely tell you that you can install any script with just one click. WordPress is now a very popular CMS and people are already using it.

For the same reason, most of the companies have started to provide a direct option using which you can install WordPress while setting up your server. You just need to click on the checkbox and they will install WordPress for you. This is the easiest way on how you can get started with WordPress.

Optimized Server

This is an important thing that you can surely look for. WordPress has been one of the most popular CMS out there. Even today, WordPress websites are growing at a tremendous speed. There are two ways the hosting can offer the same functionality.

One of them is by optimizing the server for WordPress. The second most popular way by which the hosting companies offer better performance for WordPress websites is by adding a new plugin. With the new plugin, you will get better speed. This is a cache and image compression plugin that will increase the speed of the website.

You can surely use third-party plugins if you don’t want to use any of them. All of them will work similarly. In most cases, the third-party plugin is better here and will give you more speed.

Hence, you can surely look for an optimized server. If the server is optimized for speed, you will get a better one.

Database – WordPress Hosting Requirements

You will need one database to manage your WordPress website. If you are using multi websites, each of them will require a new database. This is something that most people don’t know about.

If you are planning to go with the shared hosting, you will get a limited number of databases in the basic plan. If you are allowed to have only one database, you will not be able to run multi-site.

Please note that we aren’t talking about multiple websites but we are talking about the multi-site feature that WordPress has. Using this, you have a main network website and you can create more websites in the directory or subdomain.

If you are planning to run that, you will need more databases. Also, if you want to install all of them in a separate subdomain, you might look for the subdomain. If the website has a limited subdomain, you will only be allowed to have a limited number of subdomain websites. You can surely create more websites in the subdirectory if you only have a limited subdomain.

Recommended Hosting

Did you know that WordPress officially recommends some of the hosting companies? These are the companies that are officially recommended by WordPress. You can surely go with these companies if you want.

Currently, there are three hosting companies that you can go with. These are officially recommended by WordPress , here you can select most suitable hosting requirements for your case.


WordPress Hosting Requirements

Bluehost is one of the most popular hostings that you can go with. It offers various types of hosting such as shared hosting, VPS, cloud, etc. You can choose any type of hosting you want here. It supports WordPress and the support is also great. They have various plans from which you can choose the best one. One of them provides unlimited websites. If you want to host more than 1 website, you can go with the unlimited plan. You will also get a free domain here. Overall, the hosting is great.


WordPress Hosting Requirements

The best thing about Dreamhost is the transparent pricing. In Bluehost, the renewal price might increase but that’s not the case with Bluehost. Here, you will have transparent pricing which is the main reason why you can surely go with this website. The pricing is great and the servers are optimized for WordPress. Hence, you will surely get better performance here as compared to others. The loading time will be less. It also gives WordPress preinstalled. So, you will not have to worry about installing WordPress on the server. It’s already one for you. You can simply carry on to the next point.


WordPress Hosting Requirements

If you have a good budget and you want to go with the premium hosting where you will get awesome performance and the security is also great, you have SiteGround as the next recommended hosting. SiteGround allows you to host WordPress websites in their shared hosting. Here, the storage and bandwidth are limited. You won’t get confused with the bandwidth here because the bandwidth is measured directly in the visitors. So, you will get the number of visitors that are allowed on the website. You can choose the plan accordingly.

Hosting Types – WordPress Requirements

Now, there are many types of hosting that you can go with when you are using WordPress. Even the same hosting company will have multiple hosting types. You will have to choose the best one from there. If you are new, you will not be knowing about how you can choose the best hosing, right? If that’s the case with you, we will tell you about the same. This section is to discuss the types of hosting and which one is perfect for you.

Shared Hosting

The first type of hosting that you can go with is shared hosting. It’s one of the most popular hosting types that you will come across. Here, there are many websites hosted on the same server. Each user will get a unique cPanel and the websites will separate from each other.

People often go with shared hosting when they are starting. You can do the same. Shared hosting allows you to have enough space and bandwidth to make sure that your website will load fast as well as it’s good for most of the websites which are new or started websites. It’s the most affordable one too.

Managed Hosting requirements for WordPress

The next thing that you can go with is the managed hosting. Managed hosting is a bit unique compared to other services. Here, you will not have to worry about technical things. The company handles the technical things for you. The price of managed hosting is way more than shared hosting. Therefore, you can only go with it if you have got the budget.

The managed hosting is usually based on the CMS or the script. Here, as we are talking about WordPress, you can find the best managed to host for WordPress. You can see it by the name of WordPress hosting. When you find this, you can surely get the best speed and the company will handle all the things for you. You can focus on the business and leave the technical things on the company.

VPS or Dedicated Server

The next option you have is VPS or a dedicated server. VPS is where you will get a part of the server. This is the best option if you want to have better hosting where you can host as many websites as you want. The next similar option to choose is a dedicated server. This is where you will have access to the complete server.

In both of these, you will need technical knowledge. Managing a server is not an easy task. You are the one who is responsible for all the security and performance issues. Therefore, it’s recommended to gain knowledge about the server first before you start managing all these things by yourself. In this way, you can be clear about what you want.

Cloud Server

Cloud hosting has become very much popular in recent times. This is mainly due to the share of resources. In cloud hosting, multiple servers share the lad. As a result, there is no particular server that faces the server load. All the load is divided into various groups. With this, the website will load faster.

Usually, cloud hosting is cheaper than VPS or a dedicated server. Therefore, people prefer to go with could hosting. Also, it’s easy to scale up cloud hosting. There are unlimited resources as you are using the resources from multiple servers and not just one. Therefore, it’s easy to scale up your hosting and you can do it with one click. Some of the cloud hosting providers also give you a pay-as-you-go plan where you are paying only when you use it.

Final Words about WordPress Hosting Requirements

To conclude, this was all about how you can start using WordPress on the hosting you want. We saw all the WordPress hosting requirements that you need to see. You can always see if the hosting allows WordPress or not. This information will be available on the homepage itself. So, you can simply check that.

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