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WordPress Maintenance Service

Make your WordPress website bulletproof by allowing us to monitor your site performance, update plugins, themes and much more. Outdated websites have high or medium cybersecurity risks which can lead to monetary loss.

$ 299.00 / month

$ 149.00 / month

$ 79.00 / month

WooCommerce Maintenance Service

With a professional WooCommerce website maintenance plan, your website will be always kept up to date and secure. This helps you focus on your business instead of worrying about getting your site hacked or broken which can result in additional expenses or damage.

$ 399.00 / month

$ 199.00 / month

$ 99.00 / month

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WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service

Did you know that 53% of visitors leave your website if it loads slower than 3s? Nowadays, fast loading websites is one of the most important user experience benchmarks. Don't lose clients just because your website load slower, let us take care of it. You will get:

  • WP Rocket lifetime licence
  • Page cache
  • Browser cache
  • Assets optimization
  • Database optimization & cleanup
  • Advanced cache setup
  • CDN setup
  • Up to 90% speed improvement
  • Before / After report
normally  199 149

WordPress Emergency Service

Receive prompt help for any, WordPress related, emergency situation. Even 1-minute downtime of your website can impact your brand and you can lose thousands of dollars. Don't take the risk, WP AOS emergency service will not only fix your site but ensure that it won't happen again.

normally $ 299.00$ 199.34

normally $ 149.00$ 99.34

normally $ 74.00$ 49.34

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WordPress Malware Removal Service

On average hackers create 300,000 new pieces of malware every day. The chances of getting hacked are pretty big! And if your WordPress website is infected right now you can get banned from Google and get blacklisted on the web that will lead to a bad reputation and in some cases lawsuits. Stay safe, don't ignore the problem and let us help.

normally $ 449.00$ 299.35

normally $ 374.00$ 249.35

normally $ 222.00$ 148.01

WordPress Custom Development

WordPress custom development includes consulting, design, development, support and success for your online business. There is no need to hire extra staff! Hire a team of remote pros who will get the job done. Our team with more than 8 years of experience can help you with any WordPress related challenge, task or ongoing project.

starting from:
From: $ 495 / month

WordPress Security Service

In order to prevent repeated infection of the WordPress website, there has to be an advanced security setup in place. There are several options that can achieve the desired result. With a professional WordPress malware removal service, you can get a guarantee for up to 1 year, and if the website gets hacked again, repeated malware removal will be for free.

normally $ 299.00$ 199.34
/ per year

normally $ 449.00$ 299.35
/ per year

WordPress Migration Service

Have you experienced broken links or images, internal server error, insecure content, website down, or other errors due to WordPress website migration? With a professional WordPress migration service, you can forget about the errors mentioned above and enjoy a painless migration process.

normally $ 224.00$ 149.34

/ per website

normally $ 374.00$ 249.35

/ per website

normally $ 524.00$ 349.35

/ per website


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