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11 Reasons Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

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Today we will tell you about scheduled reports, why you most definitely need it for your website. The scheduled report is a combination of different researches of your website during a set time period. It includes various information related to your website: who visited your website, what pages are most popular, etc. It is also a good idea for those of you who own an online store since these reports also show what is the most popular product. So now let us dig deeper into this matter. We will explain to you what this report consists of.

1. Uptime monitoring

Website's uptime monitoring

The uptime monitoring part of the report is a part that shows your website’s uptime. If your website is to stop working for a period of time, this report will show it in the corresponding section. Think of it as the alert security system for your website. Most of the companies are calling their webmaster in case of their website going down. If your maintenance company provides you with those reports, you will see all the cases when your website got down and how fast it was brought up.

2. Performance monitoring

Websites performance monitoring

This part will show your website’s speed. It also provides a YSlow service created by Yahoo. They will give your website a grade based on your speed test. Also, it will provide you with information on your previous speed checks to compare if your website is working fine. A low grade will mean that something is not good with your website. The best solution is to ask the company that maintains your website to find a solution to fix it.

3. Security monitoring

Security and threat monitoring

During the time the scheduled report is running it checks your website for malware, vulnerabilities, and web-trust. If something is not ok, it will show: malware detected or problems detected instead of clean. This will show that someone probably hacked your website or some of the plugins or themes are working incorrectly. Not only that in terms of security you can see the full list of people that have visited your website. If you or the maintaining company feel unsure about a certain suspicious visitor, they can add him to the blacklist, preventing him from entering your website permanently. It is done to prevent your website from overloading.

4. Finding out which contest is the most visited

Content visiting monitoring

It allows you to see which pages are visited more often in comparison with other pages. This will not only help you to understand what interests people the most on your website but also will show you the direction in which you can develop your business. Isn’t it a great way to expand your business further?

5. SEO keyword statistics

SEO management and reports

Schedule reports provide such a useful feature as showing a list of your website’s keywords in order of the amount your website was visited by those keywords. So basically it will show you your keywords and the amount of times visitors got on your website while searching by these words. For your site to be even easier to find, you can add more keywords. But do not forget that these keywords should be related to the products or services that your company provides. You do not want to get negative comments or reviews for your website. Another way to increase your ranks in SEO you need to increase the popularity of your website you can add content that targets particular groups of people. It can be configured in Scheduled reports, that it will show the average age, gender of your visitors. This information will help you to create a strategy on how to intrigue people of different ages and genders to visit your website. And the more visits you get the higher the position in SEO you will get.

6. Which websites backlink to your site

Backlink strategy

People might use some information from your website and add a backlink to your website as a primal source. Scheduled reports also show this kind of information. If you are interested you can try and form a partnership with those websites, where they will advertising your website and vice versa.

7. Google Ads statistics

Google advertising

These statistics as well, like any other show you how many people got to your site through these ADS. The difference is that this service is not free, you need to pay a certain monthly fee. This fee depends on the keyword. When visiting some random page, on some of them you can sometimes see ADS, this section of the webpage contains a code that shows them. Also when typing something on google, the first position is usually an advertisement.

8. Social media statistics

This section shows you how many people liked your page on Facebook, Linked In, follow on Twitter, or Instagram. As well as how many people join you daily. Nowadays advertising yourself on social media became the most popular way how to gain visitors. That means you need appealing information in SEO snippets, that will attract people and make them want to visit your website. Just imagine the number of visits you can get.

Social media linking to website, Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

9. Dead links

Dead or wrong links, Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

Dead links are links that exist no more. Usually, they send either a 404 error or a 500+ error code. It can be due to the page no longer existing, an error in the code or the link was changed. This can happen more often with outsourcing links because you never know if the website is closed, hacked or something else happened. Obviously, you yourself or the maintaining company will see if something is wrong with the website from information gathered by scheduled reports.

10. Updates

Scheduled report Update, Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

In this section of the report, it shows you how many themes, plugin, or core updates were made in the time period from previous to present report. This helps you or your website maintenance team to keep your website running smoothly.

11. WooCommerce

If you by any chance run an online store, you can add a WooCommerce report to show you the total income by the set time period, the amount of each product sold. For example, the ID or product name: ID #001 was purchased 30 times and ID #002 was purchased 5 times. This will help you to keep a track of products in stock.

Online shop, Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

To sum it up

So, we provided you a list of what the scheduled reports consist of. Reports can be set to be a weekly report and an overall monthly report at the end of the month. Those scheduled reports help you to get a better understanding of what is going on with your website. Is your website up to date and secure, be it your or visitor you both want your personal data to be protected. Also, you want to hold a tighter grip on your visitors and clients. From this report, you will understand the needs of your visitors, as to say demand creates the supply. On top of that, it allows you to track how popular your website is, if not that means you need to change the way you advertise yourself.

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