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8 Helpful WordPress Zapier Recipes and Tips to Automate Your Site

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Today, we live in a digitally smart world. Everything is automated and we believe in the axiom, work smarter, not harder. Zapier is an automation instrument that helps to link different app services to make workflows automated. This particular integration process need not be built individually as Zapier already stands to offer automated tasks. Repetitive tasks are automated to make your life easier and for you to focus on other aspects of work. Here we will present 8 Helpful WordPress Zapier Recipes and Tips to Automate Your Site.

Zapier is a digital platform that handles a bunch of automated functions for multiple destinations or sites. For instance, it can be applied to customize automatic tweets. Twitter is one of the several different online platforms that Zapier can manage. Two elements need to be focused on here- Zaps and triggers. Once you have activated a new Zap, it will perform the customized action each time the trigger episode takes place. Get more info about leading custom WordPress development companies for a better idea behind the mechanism of automation tools.

What is WordPress Zapier Connection Recipes?

WordPress tasks can be automated and simplified with Zapier tips and recipes. At the same time, WordPress can be connected to different web page portals, applications, and instruments to computerize WordPress duties in some very neat techniques.

Zapier offers to join more than thousands of web networking pages to your WordPress application including Google Docs, Google Sheets, CRMs, advertising, marketing, and promotional platforms, social media forums, and a lot more networking grounds.

Each such connection is referred to as Recipes. Therefore, it might now be much clearer to you that a WordPress Zapier Recipe is an established connection link between the WordPress web page and another network instrument.

8 Helpful WordPress Zapier Tips and Recipes

In this article, we have listed 8 of the finest tips related to concepts for WordPress Zapier methods that you can use to witness firsthand the power and competence of the association of WordPress with Zapier. Continue reading to get more info about leading custom WordPress development company Zapier.

  1. Regular Sharing of WordPress Posts

The process of sharing posts can be mechanized. Zapier can be utilized to automatically publish your fresh WordPress content matter across different social networking sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, to name a few) with the help of a distinct formula for each one of them. Doing so will save your time as you would no longer have to open those platforms to manually post the content.

  1. Publish YouTube or Instagram content Directly to WordPress

Zapier can also be used to share Instagram posts and YouTube videos spontaneously to your WordPress web page. A new post is automatically computerized and published straight on WordPress. No need for manual creation of posts. The trigger here would be a fresh post on YouTube or Instagram and Zaps would be activated to create a new WordPress post that can either be published immediately or be stored as a draft.

  1. Adjoin Buffer Posts to WordPress

Posts can also be added to the Buffer application that schedules your social networking content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It pushes out the posts to the social media channel of your preference. Similarly, content can be put up on WordPress blog pages.

  1. Receive Notifications for Comments on WordPress or Orders on Woo Commerce

Zapier creates a trigger for WordPress that is used to push a recipe each time there is a new comment on your WordPress website. Comment notifications could be received as emails, slack notifications, text messages, or other variations and forms. Alternatively, Woo Commerce from Zapier can be expended to trigger off notifications for every new order from Woo Commerce.

  1. Put Up SurveyMonkey Responses

Surveys can be customized with the help of the open SurveyMonkey facility provider. Such surveys can be carried out to seek a response or review from your audience and users. The results and responses of the survey can be directly posted to the WordPress location with the SurveyMonkey Zap.

  1. Add WordPress Users to CRM

Registration to online courses and other public forums can be automated with the help of Zapier. It adds new members to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of your preference. A new user would be identified as a trigger to pass information or conduct any other action to the CRM.

  1. Google Docs and Google Calendar

Google Doc is a preferred medium for many bloggers and professional writers. Zaps for Google Docs can help people easily save and transfer their content as a draft to a WordPress account.

Similarly, Google Calendar is very efficient in scheduling all your content. Zapier launches a Zap to help you add every new post created on WordPress to Google Calendar. This helps you to keep an eye on the contents that are to be published and avoid glitches like posting the same content twice.

  1. Save WordPress Posts to Dropbox

Keeping a backup of all types of content is a very important step. However, one can never be safe enough. A secondary backup system can be used to store WordPress posts. Dropbox Zap is created to transfer your posts from the WordPress site onto Dropbox, automatically.

There where the 8 helpful WordPress zapier recipes and tips to Automate your site.


Today people no longer need to perform monotonous actions manually. Tools like Zapier can be used to do all the heavy work and save both your time and energy. It is a flexible instrument that allows you to customize and create your own concepts of recipes. Key tasks can be mechanically programmed to ease out your working process and connect WordPress to multiple applications in an organized fashion. These 8 helpful WordPress zapier recipes and tips to Automate your site  and will improve your website traffic.

Get more info about leading custom WordPress development companies to understand the idea behind the working of automation tools. It is made easier for people to concentrate on other important aspects of their work by enhancing a smarter workflow that is customized to save time and establish effective integration. Zapier can be used to connect a ton of different digital destinations and do several other things. Certain points are automated as per the user’s preference to share and publish fresh content on the choice of platform that the user wishes to draw attention upon.

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