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If you are looking for some of the best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops, you are in the right place. We will here see some WordPress themes that work best for the shoe store. So, let’s begin the list without any further intro.

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#1 Sneaker

One of the best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops is Sneakers. Of course, the name says it all. It is a theme specially made for the shoe store. You can surely choose from the four premade designs. All of them are made concerning shoes. So, you can surely go with any of them as per your choice. It is a fully responsive website and comes with retina ready theme. You can use it for any sports purpose whether it’s a shoe store or you are a fitness trainer.

One of the cool things about the theme is that it provides several plugins for free such as visual composer, slider revolution, etc. Not to mention, some of the free plugins are also integrated with it. It will make your theme better and you don’t need to worry about installing it again. Visual composer is great as it will help you in creating an awesome page with the drag and drop interface. You can quickly create the page in no time with it.

Trueshoes Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#2 Trueshoes

The next theme you can go with is Trueshoes. It is a powerful theme that you can use for the shoe theme. It is cool that has premade layouts that you can import and customize in your theme. It has a product-centered layout. In simpler words, it is useful to capture customers’ attention with it. Not to mention, it uses Bootstrap and has retina-ready icons. You can give discount percentage-wise and you can also set special featured items in the store. One of the coolest things about the theme is the product swatch. The user can see a small image when they are selecting the color of the shoe. This will give them a better experience.

Also, it has a feature using which the user can compare two shoes. It happens with the best of us when we are not able to select a particular shoe. Therefore, this is a useful feature that your users can use. It has Hotspot on the image that you can use. You can also use the countdown promotion to increase the scarcity. Many other features will help you in increasing the sales of the products. Therefore, it is one of the best choices you can go with. The theme is made especially for the online shoe store.

Mr. Cobbler Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#3 Mr. Cobbler

Of course, you might have got an idea about the theme from the name itself. It is a theme for the shoemakers. You can quickly create your pages with the help of the WPBakery page builder. To give a better look, you can also add one of the sliders from the revolution slider. It is compatible with WooCommerce and you can use it with essential grid plugin too. There are more than 750 options that you will get in the customizer. This will allow you to edit anything you want.

Further, the support of the theme is too food and you will get regular updates here. If you are planning to run a blog for content marketing in the shoe website, this theme has got various blog styles for you. The about Is responsible and will work smoothly on mobile devices. It has the user menu and main menu support. The theme works best and the good thing about them is that it has unlimited colors and you will get thousands of options for typography. This will help you in making the website far better. You can add the like and share buttons on the post and product page. It has a professional design. The theme is especially recommended for the people who are selling custom shoes. It is also good for repairing and shoes. It also has an ajax search feature that you can use.

Walker Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#4 Walker

The next theme that you are going to see is the Walker theme. The walker is for the online store who has sells shoes. There are 5 main themes that you can get here. All the six themes that you can go with. You can use WooCommerce with it. it has all the zoom animations. It helps you to display the product list in various layouts. There is a login widget that you can use. It has c complete dropdown cart widget that you can select. It has the user dashboard that you can use. Not to mention, you can also show the social buttons with the help of a shortcode.

Walker theme comes with multiple header styles. You can easily select one of the styles as per your choice. It comes with a visual composer. So, you can create and edit pages with the complete drag and drop builder. Overall, the walker theme has quite good features that you can have a look at. Some of the features are missing but you won’t need them for most of the shoe websites. So, you can surely go with this theme.

Nitro Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#5 Nitro

The next theme that we are going to have a look at is the Nitro theme. Nitro is a universal theme for all users. You can use it for fashion, furniture, kids’ store, book store, and you can also use it for the shoe store. The theme has various layouts for your products. You can easily set the grid layout or you can go with the masonry layout. Not to mention, if you want the old list layout, you can also set it with one click. The next thing that you probably might be wondering is about the single product display, here you can display the product in 5 different layouts. So, the single product layout is also amazing here.

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You get tall the eCommerce features such as sales countdown, buy now button, image hover effect, etc. it has a visual composer to create amazing pages. It comes with a drag ad drop builder that you can use to create the best images. Not to mention, it also has a pricing table and other similar features that you will love.

Fabzy Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#6 Fabzy

Our next selective in the best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops is Fabzy. It is a multipurpose theme and is affordable as compared to the other best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops. It is fully compatible with all the version of WordPress or WooCommerce, you can start using it easily in any of your websites. The theme is clean and comes with fresh design. One of the cool things about them is the options you get.  You can easily set the megamenu or you can also show the product tab.

The product can be displayed in a list form or you can display it in the grid form. Either way, you can set two images here. If you are tired of using the visual composer, here you will get Templatemela builder. It has more than 25 shortcodes from which you can choose one. The builder is quite good and helps you create an amazing page from scratch. There is also a brand logo slider that will help you display all the brand logo of the shoes you sell.

H-Code Theme, Best WooCommerce themes, Shoe Shop, WordPress Maintenance, wpaos

#7 H-code

If you have been in the WordPress industry for a while, you might surely hear about H-code. H-code is a popular theme that can be used for any purpose. It has more than 190 layouts that you can use. Each of them is for different industry and a different niche. No doubt, you can also get the multiple layouts for the same niche. So, if you don’t want to build the pages or the website from scratch, this could be a great useful website.

H-code is a creative theme usable for every purpose. You can use it for eCommerce website, corporate website, landing page, etc. It loads super fast and is SEO friendly. You will get a thumbnail carousel which is for the swatches for the product. For page creation, you will get the WPBakery page builder and for the slideshow, you get slider revolution plugin. Both of these are premium plugins but you will get both of them here for free. So, that’s another advantage of going with this theme.

Grannali Theme, wpaos

#8 Grannali

The next theme is a little expensive as compared to other themes. If the budget is not an issue, you can surely check out the footwear theme. Grannali is offered by TemplateMonster and is fully compatible with WooCommerce. There are various licenses you can go with. If you just want the theme, it will still cost you more. Further, there are no premium plugins that come directly with it. You will pay extra for the plugins if you want.

Even if there are no premium plugins, it uses Elementor for building pages. You can create amazing pages with Elementor. Elementor is one of the best page builders that you can use. There are many pre-built layouts in Elementor that you can take. The layout is useful and can be customized easily. So, it makes it easier for everyone to do things here. You get JET plugins which will help you to create a menu, tabs, import data, elements, etc. In simpler words, it is a set of plugins that does the basic WooCommerce task and gives you more functionality to the website.

Super Store Theme

#9 Super Store

Remember, we talked about TemplateMela in one of our previous themes, this is a theme by the ma provider. The theme wasn’t much in the talks but with the latest big update, it has managed to slide in the best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops. The theme is affordable and you will also get various paid plugins for free here. You can install WPBakery, slider revolution, etc. You will get the contact form 7 to build amazing pages. You get support to RTL, etc.

One of the best things about the Super Store theme is that there is all the documentation given. You can see the video tutorial or you can read the documentation. If you are a new user, this will be a very helpful state as you can learn a lot of things from this. So, you can surely have a look at the Super Store theme to know more about the theme and see what you will get here.

Fashiro Theme

#10 Fashiro

It is a theme for the fashion industry, whether you own a clothes store or you have a shoe store, you can use this theme. It comes with a visual composer page builder to build amazing pages and then you can also add the slider using revolution slider. Just like the previous one, this theme is also affordable and you can get it from ThemeForest.

There are all the basic features given in this theme such as you can add the wishlist, add product quick view, and many more similar things. Even though these are the common features that every eCommerce theme should have, many websites don’t provide all these features. So, Fashiro can be a better option here. It also has TemplateMela builder to build awesome pages. The overall support of the theme is great and you will also get regular updates here. The theme is responsive and also has touch support for mobile phones. So, the website will work smoothly for mobile users too.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the best WooCommerce themes for online shoe shops that you might love. We have covered all the themes from all the budget to all the needs. Whether you have a custom shoe store or you are selling shoes of specific brands, you will find the theme suitable for your website. You can directly import one of the pages and customize that particular page. Instead of creating one, building on an existing template will be easier for you. Don’t forget to upload high-quality images of the shoes.

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