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What is WooCommerce extra product option

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What is WooCommerce extra product option and why does it matter. So, you are selling something unique where the customer can’t directly order the thing? You might want to ask for something unique along with their delivery details.

For example, if you are selling custom T-shirts, you can ask if the customer wants to enter the text of their own choice. Now, the options are unique, right? It’s not possible to enter all the names and offer them as a variable product here is where WooCommerce extra product option steps in.

For that, you will need a plugin that does the work here. You can use the WooCommerce extra product option. This is the place where you can ask the user to enter one more detail along with selecting the quantity of the product.

Let’s learn more about it before we get into the tutorial on how to add it.

What is WooCommerce Extra Product Option?

The extra product option is an extra field that you will add to your product page. This can be a text field or you can also ask for the phone number, there could be anything that you can ask for. The user or the customer will have to enter the details in the field before they can hit the add to cart or buy now button.

You can set this on one product or you can have the same option for all the products. This depends on the type of your website. Depending on what you are selling and how you want the information, you can display these things.

Thereafter, the customer can enter the details in the field and when they place the add to cart button, you will be able to see the details right on your orders page. So, people can enter the details in the field in then place the order. You will get it along with the order.

Now, the main question is what type of details you can enter in the field. Well, this depends on the plugin. Thinking from where did the plugin come in? This brings us to the next section.

How you can add an Extra Product Option?

To implement this feature, you can surely use a WordPress plugin. There are not one but two plugins that you can use. One of the plugins is free and the other one is paid. The free one is used for the basic fields and if you don’t want anything fancy. However, if you want something advanced, you will have to choose the second plugin that is paid one.

We will surely see more about it when are seeing the plugin. Inside it, we will see the features by which you will get the complete idea of which plugin you should be using. You won’t even need our input here; you can easily determine which plugin is for you.

The features are very different from each other. So, we will now see and discuss the plugins. In this way, you will come to know which plugin is for you and which is not.

Both of the guys have the same name but the free plugin is available in the WordPress directory whereas the paid plugin is only available on the CodeCanyon website. So, you can keep that in mind.

The Free Plugin

woocommerce extra product options

As we said, the name of the plugins is Extra Product Option. So, we won’t go into the name much. The free plugin that we are talking about is developed by ThemeHigh. ThemeHigh has been developing themes and plugins for the WordPress community for a long time now. One of the plugins that have to offer is for the extra field.

This is a freemium plugin. In simpler words, you will get most of the features for free. However, if you want full access to all the features, you will have to pay a small fee. In this way, you will get the best deals.

It is surely up to you. If you think the free plugin is enough for you and your needs, you don’t need to pay anything. However, if you are looking for more features, you can surely pay for them.

Here, you will be able to set various fields on the product page. It can be text, number, or any similar thing. So, if you are looking for a similar feature, this plugin will do your job.

Fields Available in the Plugin

You can easily set various options in the plugin. This will include the following ones.

  1. Text
  2. Hidden
  3. Password
  4. Number
  5. Telephone
  6. Textarea
  7. Select
  8. Radio Button
  9. Checkbox
  10. Checkbox group
  11. Date Picker
  12. Heading
  13. Paragraph

You can easily set all the options. Thereafter, it will allow you to display things with ease.  You can easily set it from the display options. There are various display options where you can select things that matter. You will have many options from which you can display it in the right position. These are the options that allow you to set the required option. In simpler words, you can set the fields like text, number, or anything else as per your wish. The filed type should be from selected ones.

Some options allow you to display the fields according to the price of the product. It can be as simple as a fixed percentage above the price or you can always set some other conditions here. In the end, it’s all about change the field data with the help of the price.

Further, you will get the validators by which you can set the data. You can either use the custom validator or you can use the default validators to ensure the data is on the point. The default validation will check whether the field text matches its type. For example, you can set the number of characters needed in the phone number. Now, if the customer enters more numbers than required, it will give an error. Therefore, you can always use such validators to ensure that the data is safe and secure.

Premium Alternative

woocommerce extra product options

Now, many people are not looking for anything like this. These are the people who are looking for some advanced field options. If you are one among them who is looking for something similar, we have got you covered here. We will see here see the paid Alternative which is exactly for the people like you.

Unlike the custom field, here you can add some of the advanced data. Extra product options will make sure that you have the functionality you want. If you are looking for more functionality than just the extra product option, this plugin is for you. The plugin is developed by ThemeComplete.

Here, you will get a complete form builder using which you can build the form. The form will have all the options that you need to get started. In simpler words, if you are planning to add more options to the product, you can create a form. The form will be added to the product. With this, the user can either select the option or they can fill in the details. This depends on how you have configured the plugin. If you want the user to enter the details, you can do it too. In the same way, if you want them to get the details directly by selecting the options from the list, you can do that too.

The form builder is extremely user-friendly and even a non-technical person can easily build the form. This is what makes it unique and the best one. You can arrange the elements as per your wish. In this way, it will be displayed as you want. Now, let’s see the features of the plugin and see what exactly you will get when you pay for it.


We will now have a look at the best features available in the plugin. With this, you can configure the plugin as per your wish. We will see some of the things that matter here. Of course, it won’t be possible to cover all the options. Therefore, we will see some of the most common ones.

Easy Form builder

We already discussed this. So, we won’t go more into detail here. The form builder is easy to use and there are hundreds of elements from which you can choose from. Therefore, this will make it one of the unique websites. You can create a small, yet interesting form that will determine where the buttons will be placed. This is the first feature you will get here.

Conditional Logic

Sometimes, you will need certain conditions. For example, there might be a specific option available for certain variations. In such a case, you can surely set the condition. The product option will only be shown if the condition is fulfilled or it will just remain hidden like it was. For example, if a décor item has two sizes and you need to hide the option if the user has selected a bigger size. You can easily do this with ease. Therefore, if you want to set the conditional logic, you can do this with this particular plugin.

Math Formula

The option goes without saying. Many times, there are certain math formulas needed. For example, you might want to set an option by which the price of the product increases if the customer selects that particular option. You can also use math formulas here. There are many options given here that you can choose from. This is why you can surely use this plugin if you want better options.

Product as an Option

Some items are always brought in the combination, right? For example, one might always add the lens when they are buying a camera. With this feature, you can also display an entire product as an option here. This will give you complete rights to show various products in the drop menu. When the user selects an option, the price of that particular product will be automatically added to the price of the main product. This is how they can easily manage the product. Further, they can also display the products as related products.

Easy Control Panel

You will get an easy control panel. You can easily control the options with the use of the panel. The panel has all the options that you might require. The interface is too easy and you can easily figure the entire plugin in this way. Further, they provide lifetime updates for the plugin. So, you can update the plugin anytime you want. This will give many new updates and new controls to use.

Who needs an Extra Option?

Now, there isn’t a specific answer here. Anyone who has a store might need the extra field options. Most importantly, it’s for the people who want to allow users to select certain options that are not available in the WordPress product section. If you want to add something to the entire website or the checkout, you can surely use the checkout field editor.

However, if you want something product-specific which can be changed as per the product or it should be applied globally before the person adds the product to the cart, you can surely use this builder. In this way, the customer can buy from you according to their requirement.

It’s super easy to select which plugin you want. As both of the plugins are quite different, it becomes easier for people to select one from the list. You can easily select the plugin, install and activate the plugin. That’s pretty much it. Now, you just need to configure the plugin which hardly takes few minutes to do it. Therefore, you will get the complete options here. Don’t forget to test the plugin before you publish the changes.

Final Words about Woocommerce extra product options

To conclude, this was all about the extra product option available in the WooCommerce store. You will have to add a plugin if you want to activate the extra options. This is the only thing that will work. Therefore, make sure you install these plugins if you want extra options.

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