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WooCommerce eCommerce market share in 2021

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April 1, 2020/Edvins Gailums/,

The e-commerce industry is booming like anything now. Even in 2021, there will be thousands of new eCommerce stores. Gone are the days when you had to develop and code to create an eCommerce store. Nowadays, there are hundreds of CMS available, you can easily create a website with ease. Even WordPress has many plugins to extend the eCommerce functionality. However, most of the people use WooCommerce as there are more functionalities and also you will find various WooCommerce compatible themes.

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In this post, we are going to have a look at the WooCommerce stats and see what is the WooCommerce eCommerce Market share in 2021. There are millions of dropshipping websites and local eCommerce stores out there. Most of the drop shippers use Shopify as their platform. In the same way, most of the local eCommerce stores are using Wix stores as it is easier to use and provides enough functionality to run the store.

We are going to compare the top websites as well as we are also going to consider the entire internet to check the WooCommerce market share in 2021. To being with, we will see the top 1 million websites in terms of traffic.

WooCommerce eCommerce share in top 1m websites

At first, we are considering the first 1 Million websites. Out of 1M websites, there are more than 384k eCommerce store. Some of these websites are custom coded and hence, we will not consider all those. We will only see the eCommerce store using WordPress (WooCommerce) or any other CMS.

In the first million websites, the most used checkout is WooCommce checkout. The total number of eCommerce store using WooCommerce as their checkout is more than 59,534. That’s more than 5.95% of domination. With this, WooCommer stands first in the list of the most used platforms for eCommerce stores.

The next in the list is Shopify that is dominating over 2.5%. As Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to use, people are preferring it over WooCommerce. WooCommerce is free to use whereas you need to pay for Shopify. Hence, people who are just starting an eCommerce store will prefer WooCommerce over any other.

The rest of the list goes in the following way

  • Magento stands third in the top list of eCommerce store with over 11,000 websites
  • PrestaShop has more than 2954 websites
  • Squarespace has 2797 websites.

Also, people are using Flexify (A Shopify product) to sell their products on Facebook. It is a feed for Facebook offered by the Shopify platform.

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Top 10k eCommerce websites

Now, if we only keep the top 10,000 eCommerce website into consideration, the market share changes a lot. If you consider the first 10k eCommerce store, many huge websites have over million-dollar sales. For that, people prefer Shopify as they have custom plans that are preferable for everyone.

That’s the reason why Shopify is at the top if you consider the first 10k websites. More than 5000 websites are running on Shopify and WooCommerce count lies at the half. More than 2500 websites are running WooCommerce as their default store among the top 10k websites.

The reason why people prefer Shopify over WooCommerce is due to the custom plans offered by Shopify. Here, they don’t need to manage all the things. On the other hand, as WooCommerce is open-source, you will have to handle a couple of things by yourself.

Also, the next in the list after WooCommerce is Magento. The popularity of Magento is decreasing nowadays as it costs you more to manage it and the facilities are less.

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WooCommerce share in the entire internet

If you consider the entire internet, here are the most used platforms for eCommerce stores. When we consider all the websites, even small local stores that sell online will count, and also all the dropshipping websites will count. Most of the dropshipping stores run on Shopify. Hence, Shopify dominates the eCommerce industry if you take 2021s data. There are more than 12.23% of websites running on Shopify.

The next in the list is Wix stores. Wix provides an easy-to-use interface which is preferable for all the platforms. All the non-technical people prefer Wix stores as they are easy and fast. One can quickly create a website with Wix. There are almost 7% of eCommerce websites running on Wix.

WooCommerce has over 14% of websites. It doesn’t mean that Wix is popular than WordPress. WordPress has various other plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, etc which scatters the number of users. Here, we are only considering WooCommerce.

The rest of the platforms include Squarespace, Opencart, Prestashop, Zencart, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms such as Ecwid and Weebly. However, the usage of these platforms is decreasing. Squarespace is now providing amazing features to run an eCommerce store and hence, it has overtaken Opencart and Prestashop.

Final words

To conclude, these were some of the stats of eCommerce stores in 2020. If you are still wondering which one you should choose then here is your answer.

If you want to get into the working of the eCommerce store and know more about it, WooCommerce is the option for you. WooCommerce works with WordPress and it is free to use. All you need is the hosting and a domain. WooCommerce is the most affordable eCommerce platforms out there. As it is an open-source platform, you will have to do some of the things manually (relax, you don’t need coding knowledge). So, for the people who want to explore the eCommerce stores, you can use WooCommerce.

On the other hand, Shopify provides ready-made things. It only takes a couple of minutes To create an eCommerce store using Shopify. Also, it is way more expensive than WooCommerce. In the same way, if you are looking for another alternative, the Wix store can also be an option worth considering. It is up to you, which platform you like the most. All of them are good in their place.

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