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World’s Biggest Brands using WordPress

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You might have heard everywhere, “WordPress is one of the most popular CMS”.

But have you ever wondered which of the World’s biggest brands is using WordPress? Well, we are here with one of the interesting lists with the world’s biggest brands using WordPress. We will cover all the sectors and see which are some of the biggest brands using it.

Companies prefer using WordPress for their official website and also for their blog. This is because of the extended functionalities of WordPress. You can now create any type of website using it. Gone are the days when WordPress was just a blog tool. Now, you can create an amazing eCommerce website, official website, and you can even create membership websites with it. So, it is one of the most preferred tools for all companies.

Let’s move on to the actual list. We will see the list alphabetically. We will categorize the list into the various niche to make it easier for you to find the companies.

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The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries out there. You will see many popular companies that are using WordPress either on their official website or they are using it as a blog.

If we talk about the topmost companies, there are some of the reputed companies which all the people can identify. Some of the famous companies using WordPress. To name a few, companies like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Ford, and Renault use the WordPress website.

Now, if you consider showrooms, mostly all they are using WordPress.


WordPress is one of the biggest industries out there. Many online courses are available online. Even WordPress can be now used as a Learning Management System. There are many companies out there who are using WordPress as an LMS.

Along with this, WordPress has been the choice of many universities due to easy usability. Starting from a small college to a huge university, people are now starting to shift towards WordPress. You will find many universities out there who are using WordPress. Even some of the top online course platforms are using WordPress.

This is due to the high security and it becomes easier for everyone to upload data into a WordPress website. Hence, universities prefer WordPress.

Coming to the point, some of the famous names in the educational industry that are using WordPress include Hardvard Gazette and the University of Washinton.

Vogue uses WordPress


Magazines – that’s something WordPress would be perfect for, right? Even Vogue magazine thinks so. That’s why they are using WordPress on their main website. It is one of the biggest magazines there. Most of you people who will be reading magazines would have heard about it/. So, there is nothing to define here.

Even if you haven’t heard about Vogue, you might know Glamour and People magazine. All these magazines are using WordPress.

No doubt, for magazines WordPress is the perfect option. As WordPress is the most suitable option when it comes to the magazine, many other small magazines are using WordPress as their default CMS. This becomes more interesting as people no not only use it for the official website but also when it comes to displaying the entire magazine online, they prefer WordPress over any other scripts. It helps them to display all the magazines in the best way possible. Hence, people are using it as a magazine. Inspired by this, there are many themes available that will look exactly like a magazine. You can also use those themes if you want on your website. It is perfect for a blog.

Film and TV

How can we forget the entertainment industry? It is one of the highest money-making industries out there. Also, it is one of the most popular industries. There are thousands and thousands of people visiting their official website daily. So, they will need a website that can handle all the traffic well.

When it comes to film and TV industry, the most famous name is Walt Disney. Even they use WordPress as their CMS. Further, companies like AMC and 007 also uses WordPress. If you are aware of the entertainment, you might have heard about these companies and how popular are they.

The entertainment industry involved many websites as there are official websites for the company. Further, if some apps allow you to watch the movies or series, even they have an official website like WordPress. Moreover, mostly all the official websites of each show/movie are based on WordPress. Some of the most popular shows even have a fan-created website. No doubt, even they use WordPress due to ease of use.


The same goes for music. Gone are the days when only labels were using WordPress as their website. Now, starting from music studios to music labels to individual creators, all of them are using WordPress.

Some of the well-known brands and due music artists such as Arcade fire and Royksopp use WordPress if you are more into the hip hop genre, you might surely be knowing Snoop Dogg and Jay z, even they are using WordPress. Last but not the least, talking about the classic genre, there are artists like Justin Bieber and Beyonce who manage their website in WordPress.

Therefore, we can say WordPress is very much popular among music artists. So, if you are a studio or music artist, you can use one of the music themes for your WordPress website. It will be easier for you to create such a website and manage it with ease. Due to the registration facilities available on WordPress, even small artists use WordPress for their website. The site allows you to book an event with the same website. So, one can not only participate in the event or concert but they can also be a member if they want. All of these functionaries are available on WordPress. One can easily do any of these things with the help of several plugins.

Public Figures

Now that we know about the music artists using WordPress, let’s talk about some of the well known public figures. Starting from podcasters to well-known world leaders, all of them are using WordPress.

We are sure not going to talk about actor, content creator, and such figures or else there would be a huge list of people using WordPress. Instead, we are going to see some of the most popular public figures. The name starts with Sylvester Stallone, some of the podcasters like The Time Ferriss Show and World leaders like Obama (Obama Foundation) uses WordPress.

There are surely many public figures who are using WordPress not only for their blogs but also for their official website. You might see that most of the famous people use WordPress as their website. This makes it easier for them to handle and manage the website with ease. Some of them are included in the music as shown in the music. In the same way, people use CMS.


The next big thing is publications. There are thousands of popular publications out there in various niche. Most of the people out there are using WordPress at some point.

Some of the biggest publications like The New Yorker and BBC use WordPress. Further, some of the other publications such as Variety, and Reuters uses WordPress. Most of the people who read publications will be knowing about all the websites given above.

Let’s take some of the names that everyone will be known, no matter what. So, even if you are not a publication reader, you might be knowing about Time and Reader’s digest. Yes, you guessed it right, all of these companies are using WordPress. There are many small and medium publications using the same platform for their official website or their blog page.

wordpress facebook wpaos

Social Media

People wouldn’t have guessed that social media would be in our lists of the World Biggest brands using WordPress, right? Fortunately, we are also going to see some of the famous social media websites using WordPress.

When it comes to social media, the first website that comes to your mind is? Facebook, right?

No, Facebook is not built with WordPress but if you ever visit their official blog, you might see some similar interface like WordPress. That’s because it uses WordPress as their CMS or blog management tool.

Moreover, if you are a social media manager or marketer, you might be knowing about Hootsuite. It is one of the famous tools out there that provide many services. Even they use WordPress.

Lastly, if you are not socially active but you are mostly blogging, you might be knowing about Flickr. Flickr is one of the biggest websites out there when it comes to photos. They use WordPress as their CMS. So, in one way or the other, most of the popular social media websites out there are using WordPress.


Before we start giving out the list, let me clarify something. Here, we are only checking out some of the biggest sports companies. We will not be covering eSports here. When you talk about eSports, most of the famous companies and game developers are using WordPress. If you have a look at the small creators or companies, all of them are using WordPress. They only need a website to display all the data in the best way possible.

Along with this, they would need better speed and performance. Therefore, the only and the best option here is WordPress. Many sports companies use WordPress at some point.

We are going to see some of the popular names out there who are using WordPress. Companies like NFL, Yess BMX, and brands like Chicago Bulls are using WordPress. Being a sports enthusiast, you might be knowing about all of these.

Further saying, there are thousands of sports academies using WordPress as their website. So, we are not seeing all the other sports academy and all the sports companies.

Now, even if you are looking for something more, here is an interesting fact. There are many sports players whose official website uses WordPress. This just gives you an extra reason to use WordPress as your CMS.


Now, we are at the main and the primary pint. WordPress is mostly used by tech giants. We have already talked about some of the popular websites in the tech industry using WordPress. For instance, when we were checking out social media websites, we talked about Facebook. So, we have already talked about some of the famous tech giants out there.

Now, we are going to talk about more. So, let’s start with the most popular motivational website, TED. Even the best motivational website uses WordPress. Next, let’s jump into the operating site. When you hear the Operating system, the only two names that come to your mind are ubuntu and Microsoft Windows. Both of these tech giants use WordPress.

Moving further to the browser, Mozilla also uses the same CMS. Now, you might surely have heard about IBM, right? Even IMB has the same CMS. Last but not the least, the Evernote tool also uses WordPress. Therefore, most of the tech companies out there are using WordPress.

Not to mention, many tech companies are using WordPress. If you consider the IT field, all the small businesses and medium enterprises use WordPress. This even includes all the development companies and web designing companies.

Final words

To conclude, these were some of the most popular websites out there who are using WordPress. There are thousands of companies out there who are using WordPress. Even if you are a small business, they might be using WordPress as their CMS. You can have a look at thousands of themes available on different websites. So, if you are thinking about creating a website, WordPress would be the perfect option for you no matter what niche you are. There are all types of functionalities available on WordPress. With just a little bit of learning, you can master it with ease. Once you master it, you can create pretty much any website you want with it.

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