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Importance of Website Maintenance

How important is website maintenance? At one point every business starts to wonder whether it is imperative to allocate resources for website maintenance or if such an undertaking can be forgone altogether. Even though the development of a website has been finalized, a long-term maintenance plan is crucial for the success of a business. Regular and systematic updates preserve the integrity of a website and keep it safe against third-party interference. You keep your vehicle in a good shape, why would you not do the same for your website? Thus, it is of the utmost importance to comprehend the complexities and magnitude of a business and adjust the maintenance plan accordingly.

Let us find out together why website maintenance is essential for every business.

0 % of websites
have high or medium cyber security risks
0 % of attacks
are targeted on small businesses
0 % of websites
doesn't have a recovery plan in place

Website security

Most modern websites are based upon open source content management systems(CMS) like WordPress or Drupal. What does it mean exactly? Unlike proprietary CMS, an open-source CMS is maintained by a dedicated community of developers, rather than a single company or entity. Source code is available to all users and anyone can make modifications to enable the functionality they desire. Albeit, in return, a website can be susceptible to security issues. Anyone can see the code, therefore hackers have an easier time exploiting it.

Consequently, it is vitally important to frequently update a website and do security audits. Think of it as an insurance policy against malicious intent. With a professional maintenance service, you will not have to worry about potential issues as your website will be kept up to date and provided the security it requires. As a consequence, you will be able to fully focus on your business.

Ignoring website maintenance can only lead to security breaches that will result in additional expenses. Sometimes, the damage done could prove to be irreversible. A professional and astute website security setup and maintenance service can remedy potential security hazards.

Software updates

Maintaining a periodic update schedule is integral to any online business. Contemporary software receives constant updates from developers that fine-tune the software according to the latest trends in web development. Applying the latest updates to your website will ensure the security, stability, and functionality of new features.

Keep in mind that by ignoring software updates you put your website at risk. Hackers have a field day when they stumble upon outdated software.

With our maintenance plan, your software will be updated on a regular basis. It will decrease the liability that your website will be exposed to a third-party intrusion and, ergo, improve the performance of existing features.

0 % of websites
has updated to latest WordPress version
0 % of websites
are running outdated & vulnerable software
0 + plugins
are available on WordPress directory
0 % of websites
doesn't have a data recovery plan
Up by 0 %
in website data loss since 2012
0 hard drives
fail in the United States each week

Scheduled backups

Every website needs a reliable backup for either restorative or development purposes. Is it not easier to recover a website from a working backup than to create everything from scratch again? A professional maintenance team always backs up two core elements of the website: the source code (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS codes, and other plugins) and the website’s content (text, images, audio, video files, etc.). It is essential to renew backup after every update to prevent the loss of fundamental data.

Even with a standard backup policy in place, your website is not secure. The database and assets are stored on the same server as the originals, thus, making your website liable to devious hackers. By hacking the server, undesirable users can access any data they covet.

As a precaution against this potential security hazard, we offer scheduled offsite backups. Your website will be stored on a secure and optimized data center for fast and accessible website restoration.

Website speed improvements

A website is an ever-changing organism. Various facets require constant updates, additional content needs to be added and supplementary functionality has to be enabled. This multitude of new assets takes a toll on the website, thus decreasing the website’s speed.

Site speed is one of the main factors that influences websites ranking on search engines like Google. Furthermore, users tend to stray away from websites that take too long to load. Increased loading speed results in fewer customers and diminished revenue.

With an established maintenance plan, you will not have to worry about losing customers to low Google rankings. Our team of professionals will optimize your website and constantly monitor it. A fast-loading website will result in more sales, reduced bounce rates, higher Google rankings, and improved user experience.

0 % of visitors
leave your website if it's loads slower than 3s.
0 % of websites
take more than 10s to load on mobile
0 s delay
reduces conversion by up to 20%
0 % of the time
first online experience begins with search
0 % of searches
comes from mobile devices
0 % of results
are local business websites

Tracking and improving SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic to enhance sites visibility on search engines. Nowadays, every online sphere of business is saturated with competition. Thus, it is vitally important that your website ranks as high as possible on the search engines.

Are you aware of your website’s Google rankings for your main keywords? Be a step ahead of your competitors! Identifying where precisely your website is ranked allows you to implement the necessary solutions to improve your SEO standings.

Our website maintenance plan offers the SEO ranking checker. You will be able to track the exact ranking position for every keyword. With such a powerful tool at your disposal user traffic and conversion rates are bound to increase!

Saving time & money in the long run

Owning a website is a long-term enterprise. You have to account for potential mishaps, eventual additions, unforeseen circumstances and, thus, distribute resources accordingly with a future in mind.

If you have to contact your developer or web agency multiple times per week, then chances are, your bill is adding up rapidly. However, with a website maintenance plan in place, you will get discounted rates and predictable results with foreseeable expenses.

Avg of $ 0
is a cost to recover business after attack
0 minutes
to recover if you have recovery plan
0 % of people
say online reviews impact decision
0 % of people
say they won't buy if they don't like the brand
0 % of people
do comparison shop for every purchase

Brand reputation

Your website is an online echo of your corporate image. What if your website experiences technical difficulties, becomes slow, or even broken? How will a potential customer see your brand then? In all likelihood, your brand will be seen as untrustworthy, unstable, and penny-pinching.

Tarnishing your brand’s reputation can only lead to customer turnover, diminishing sales, and a possible downfall of your business. Even a 1-minute downtime can result in serious monetary losses. What if your site is down for several hours?

Consequently, acquiring a website maintenance plan eliminates the possibility of encountering these issues. We will keep a keen eye on your website and ensure 24/7 website uptime, security, and performance monitoring.

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