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Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder – which has more flexibility?

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It becomes confusing in choosing one builder between the two almost the same builders. When it comes to Visual builders, Beaver Builder and Divi Builder are quite similar in many ways. Both of these are in the list of top 5 visual builders. We are going to see here an in-depth comparison between two of the most famous builders. So, let’s jump into the Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder comparison and see various factors that matter.

So, are you ready for the ultimate comparison of Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder? Let’s start with an overview.

Overview of Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder

Beaver Builder is a drag and drop builder that offers block-based editing. One can directly drag and drop the elements on the page. Unlike some of the builders, here you don’t need to add a section to start editing. You can directly start creating amazing pages with the help of the visual interface.

On the other hand, Divi Builder is from Elegant Themes. They also have a theme of the same name. At first, Divi builder was made for the Divi theme, later on, it was made available as a standalone plugin too. It is a drag and drop builder that also supports in-line editing. You can use it to create amazing pages.

Now that you know about both of the builders, let’s jump into the comparison and see various factors. We will also give you a direct answer on which builder you should go with.

The interface

One of the most important things in any builder is the interface. When we talk about Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder, it is hard to discriminate between the two builders. Both of them have a similar interface and work.

However, there are a couple of changes that make the builders unique. Beaver Builder is simpler to use as compared to the Divi builder. You will need some time to understand how the Divi builder works. No doubt, they have enough tutorials on that but the point is that you need to give some time to understand it.

Once you understand the builder, it is easier to work with Divi builder as it gives you an in-line text editing feature. Whereas the same thing isn’t available in Beaver builder. There are a couple of other things which are available in Beaver but you will not find it in Divi. For instance, the sidebar control panel is only present in Beaver Builder.

Winner: Beaver Builder can be considered better here as it is beginner-friendly and it won’t take much time for you to create an amazing page. You can do it in a very short amount of time. Although, both of the builders are similar, so you can consider any of them as per your choice.

scaling in beaver Building using DIVI


Elements are important when you are choosing a page builder. Here, you also need to see whether the builder provides useful elements.

If you talk about the numbers, Divi has roughly 46 elements you can use. Further, you can also use third party elements among which some are free and some of them are paid. Whereas, on the other hand, Beaver has only 36 elements but all of them are the most important ones. You can surely use the third-party elements here too.

The problem with Divi over here is that some of the widgets/elements are a bit confusing. For instance, if you want to add the WordPress default widget as an element, the process is quite complex. In Beaver, you can simply add it in with one click.

If you are looking for some of the unique elements such as audio player, portfolio, social icons, native comments, etc then you will have to install an additional plugin in the Beaver Builder (third party plugin). However, you will get all the modules directly in the Divi builder. So, if you want to go one step ahead, Divi is the choice for you whereas if you only want to use the most popular elements, Beaver is easy to use.

Winner: The winner depends on your requirements. Beaver Builder is great if you want useful elements only whereas Divi has a huge number of elements. You can surely see our other sections to determine the winner.

Styling and customization options

styling in beaver builder styling in divi builder

Once you add the elements, you need to do the styling and a little bit of customization. There are various styling options such as background color, text color, typography, etc. In simpler words, this the part where we set the position, margin, and a couple of extra things for the section/module.

These are the very common options that you will get in all the builders. You will surely get the basic features of both of the builders. However, if you are looking for some advanced functions, Divi has a maximum number of them. Divi builders provide more advanced options when it comes to styling and customizing an element. For example, with Divi, you can even set custom glutter and set designer width for the same. All these things are easy to use. You can easily find all the options and edit the sections however you want.

Moreover, Divi Builder also allows you to set different text sizes for different devices. You can display certain text in smaller fonts if the user is visiting the page from a mobile phone. Beaver builder misses some of the amazing features like this. Although, you can set custom breakpoints in Beaver Builder (Divi doesn’t allow you to add custom breakpoints). You can also add custom CSS directly to Divi builder.

Winner: Divi is a clear winner when it comes to styling and customization.

Pre-built template

The quickest way to build a website or a webpage is by importing one of the pre-made layouts or templates. Both of them have various pre-built templates you import. Once you import it, you can quickly customize it as per your choice. You can also add elements or remove them if you want. A template will just do half of the work for you.

Divi has more than 140 templates that you can directly import to the page. It includes all the major categories and subcategories. You will find various examples of the home page, about us page, services page, and also landing page.

Divi pre built templates

Beaver Builder has less number of templates but still covers most of the important categories or niche. You will get more than 50 templates. You can quickly import any of them and start editing.

Beaver builder pre built templates

Winner: Even though Divi has more templates, it’s a draw because you will find most of the templates on all the categories in Beaver Builder too.

Themes and Developer friendliness

Elegant Themes uses the name Divi for their theme as well as for their builder. When you purchase the builder and several other things along with it (more about it on pricing section). Divi allows you to customize the theme in any way you want. In the same way, Beaver has a Beaver themer that allows you to do similar things. This section is mostly connected with the plans and pricing section. Hence, we recommend you to have a look at the pricing and plans before choosing any winner over here.

Both of them are developer-friendly and have a clean code. One of the best and the most unique feature about Beaver builder is the white label option. It allows you to white label the entire builder. In other words, you can completely hide the fact that you are using Beaver builder. For instance, you can hide the name “Beaver” and change it to your agency name. Further, it also allows you to change the logo of the builder. So, it is a unique feature that you will find in Beaver Builder.

Talking about the unique features, let’s jump to the unique features section to see some of the unique features in both the builders.

Unique features

In this comparison of Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder, the next section is unique features. We have already seen that  Beaver builder allows you to change the branding. So, we will not talk about the white label feature again over here. Instead, we will see some other unique features of both the builders.

One of the most unique features of Beaver Builder is that the page stays the same even if you deactivate the plugin. So, it will be very useful for you if you design websites for clients. You can either name the builder as your builder or you can simply deactivate the plugin. Talking about uniqueness, it also has a unique editing mode just for your clients.

On the other hand, if you want to use the A/B testing feature, you might want to go with Divi builder. This feature isn’t available in Beaver. A/B testing is usually very useful for landing pages. So, if your main goal here is to create landing pages and you are not sure about the design and the copy, you might want to use this feature. It gives you a clear idea about what works and what doesn’t.

There is no undo or redo option in Beaver, so you need to be careful of what changes you make. Whereas Divi also has a lock option. It will lock the module preventing you from editing it.

Winner: When it comes to unique features, we are pretty impressed by Beaver Builder for going one step ahead.

Plans and pricing

The next important thing in comparing Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder is the plans and pricing. Luckily, both of the builders allow you to use the plugin in an unlimited number of websites.

Divi’s yearly plan will cost you $89 where you will also get all the WordPress themes and plugins that are offered by Elegant Themes. This also includes the Divi theme. Moreover, they also have a lifetime membership plan that will cost you $249.

Beaver Builder is a little expensive. There are three different plans from which you can choose from. The first plan will cost you $99 and in the same way, the rest of the two plans will cost you $199 and $399. The basic plan doesn’t include multi-site support, white-label feature, and themer. If you want to use it in multi-site and also want the white label feature, you will have to choose the $199 plan. Lastly, if you wish to add the Beaver Themer then you can go with a $399 plan. All these plans are yearly but If you keep the auto-renewal option on, it will give you a 40% discount on your next renewal. Unfortunately, there is no lifetime membership plan available. This is the worst thing about Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder also offers a free version but it has got no features. So, it will not be enough to try that out.

Winner: Of course, Divi Builder is much more affordable and also you can get the lifetime package. Not to mention, it also includes various themes and plugins along with the builder. So, the winner here is Divi Builder.

Beaver Builder vs Divi Builder: Which has more flexibility?

Well, if you are looking for flexibility, we would say, Beaver Builder is the choice for you. It is easier to use and you can quickly get started even if you are a complete beginner. Agencies can utilize the white label feature or can simply remove the plugin when the page is completed. You can create custom themes with the themer (assuming you have purchased the agency plan).

However, if you need more pre-made layouts or you are looking for an affordable plugin, Divi is the choice for you. Also, if you are not sure about which type of design works, you can use the A/B testing feature. Last but not the least, it will save your money as you won’t have too several themes and plugins, you can use one from Elegant Themes.

To conclude, it depends on your requirements. Both of them are great builders and can be very much useful in all the ways.

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